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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Background Actor Seeking Costume

I received this email from a former Star Trek background actor. Maybe one of you can help!
"Hi Alec!
I just discovered your blog, and started at the beginning and read it all. Fascinating, to say the least. I am an "old-timer" with STAR TREK, and in fact got to see them shoot some of TOS back in 1967. I was also one of the lucky people who got to work in ST: TMP. and thus, I have to ask you if you might be able to help me locate the uniform I wore in the film. I know there have been a boatload of auctions but have seen my uniform listed. It was a white jumpsuit, science department, women's size 8. Attached is a photo of me in it.
I tried to buy it right after the film wrapped, and even with Leonard trying to help me, Western Costume had them all in storage.
Since you are a major collector, you might be able to give me some idea if it might be out there someplace and how to search for it!
Many thanks!
Louise Stange-Wahl"

The Christie's listing can be found here. Not sure if that is Weezie's, but it is similar at least.

I love this version and missed bidding on it at Christie's, so maybe the winner is out there and will help Weezie out!


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