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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Propworx Star Trek Auction IV

As many of you know, for the past 7 years Propworx has run numerous prop and costume auctions, from the official Battlestar Galactica auctions for NBC to the official Stargate auctions for MGM to the Iron Man auctions for Marvel to 3 Star Trek auctions.

And now Propworx will hold Star Trek Auction IV, 100 lots of props, costumes, models, artwork and production materials.   This is the first of three Star Trek auctions for 2015 that feature items from the collections of Star Trek luminaries Gary Hutzel (VFX Supervisor), Joe Longo (Propmaster) and Ronald B. Moore (VFX Supervisor). 

The most spectacular part of these auctions are numerous starship filming miniatures that represents the largest public offering of these rare screen used models since the historic Christie's 40th Anniversary of Star Trek sale in October, 2006.  This includes the screen used, Greg Jein built Klingon D-7 model from Deep Space Nine's "Trials and Tribbelations".

The costumes include items from every major cast member since TNG.   The first auction has spectacular costumes such as a Seven of Nine catsuit, a Captain Sisko dress uniform, Ensign Ro's two piece costume, and many more.

The props include a rare TNG Tricorder, a selection of Klingon Knives, phasers, a Ferengi PADD, Tribbles and Dabo Chips.

The first 100 lots have been posted on  The auction will be held February 21, 2015.  A second auction will be in May, 2015; and the third auction will take place live on site at the Creation Official 2015 Star Trek Las Vegas Convention this August.

More information is on the Propworx website:  You can also find the latest news on the auction and download the February Star Trek Auction IV catalog.  Interested bidders may register to participate in the sale on the website:

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! will be back bigger and better than ever this year as Jarrod Hunt joins the team and Propworx laucnhes THREE Star Trek auctions including the collections of Star Trek luminaries Gary Hutzel (VFX Supervisor), Joe Longo (Propmaster) and Ronald B. Moore (VFX Supervisor).

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my good Star Trek collecting friends everywhere.  This is a day to give thanks.  And so I want to give thanks for all of my friends who I have made over the past 8 years in this hobby.  From my very first friend in the hobby, Dana Hammontree, to my most recent, David McLaughlin, it has been a wild ride and lots of fun. 

I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

These Are The Voyages Season 3 on Kickstarter!

Finally!  The long awaited final volume in the definitive account of the making of the original Star Trek TV Series is ready to go to the printer. And you can help by getting your copy on Kickstarter and help the Axanar film project at the same time.

If you don't know of These Are The Voyages, it is a series of three books detailing the making of Star Trek: The Original Series.  The first two volumes have been released over the last two years, and the third volume is waiting to go to print.  And you can make that happen and get a copy by Christmas!

Season 3  is 754 pages long and includes 456 photographs. However, Jacobs Brown Press has decided to delay publication until sometime in 2015 to allow more fans to discover Season One and Season Two. Author Marc Cushman wants it out sooner, and so do many who have already read Season One and Season Two. So we are launching this Kickstarter to get Season Three published this year.  And you can get your copy before anyone, as well as get discounted copies of the first two volumes.

OK, why dawdle here when you can go over to Kickstarter and find out all the info, see a video from author Marc Cushman and find out why every TOS fan must have these books!

Go here:

And help get Star Trek history printed!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Profiles Auction 65 - Star Trek Preview

Profiles Auction # 65 has some impressive items.  And despite following the Prop Store Auction and happening a month before the Screen Used Auction, the Profiles quality stands out as always.  

After hopping around to 3 different auction sites over 4 years, Profiles is finally back to Live Auctioneers.  Thank God, I was tired of registering for a new auction site every other auction they did.  Live Auctioneers remains the gold standard for online auction providers.  Having worked with them at Propworx, I can tell you their system is rock solid.  You can find the online auction for Profiles here.

There are 43 items in total, with a lot being paperwork.  

The auction starts off with Lot # 1288, an original script for "The Cage".  Starting at $ 2,000 may seem steep for a script, but heck, this is The Cage so I think that a price in the $ 3,000 - 5,000 range is not inappropriate.

 Plus it is signed by both Director Robert Butler (a TV legend) and Leonard Nimoy.

If you are a fan of Star Trek: The Animated Series, then Lot # 1293, the TAS storyboard lot, is for you.  Very cool stuff we haven't seen before. A low opening bid, means this could be a good deal.

Lot # 1296 is a pair of Ceti Eels.  One has lost a bunch of pieces (included), the other looks pretty good.  Remember, these are foam latex, so will continue to deteriorate.  There are already 2 bidders and an opening bid of $ 2,000.  

Lot # 1299 is the Khan costume.   And at an opening bid of $30,000, with an estimate of $30,000-50,000, the Khan costume is clearly the best Star Trek item in this auction. Not for the faint of heart, but certainly the centerpiece of a collection.

Lot # 1300 is the Galileo model from Star Trek V is nice, but not a screen used piece.  The hull was production made, and the rest added on later and the model finished.  So this won't be appealing to the very hard core model collector, but it is nice none the less.

The Picard costume is an awesome Season One example and the last one of these went in Profiles for $ 13,000, so this might go high.  However, the one piece jumpsuit is not as desirable as the two piece that came later.  Comes with screen used pips and a replica badge.

Jonathan Frakes is selling his Star Trek collection.  He has two great costumes offered here.  Lot #1311 is his traditional red and black command costume.  It has an original comm badge and a rather high $8,000 opening bid.  So with BP, this is almost $ 10,000, a price unheard here.  I say pass. 

Lot #1312 is Riker's Voyager style jumpsuit from "Generations".  At an opening bid of  $6,000, meaning with BP this is over $ 7,000, this is also pretty high.  I just don't see this worth more than $ 5,000 since it isnt his main uniform we saw him in for years.  But hey, there are plenty of Riker fans out there.

Lot # 1322 is a Mark X Static Tricorder.   I think the problems with these Tricorders is that Michael Moore of HMS, who made most of these for Star Trek, and who authenticates these for Profiles, can't be trusted.  He has been passing off replicas as real for years and is simply not reliable.  See here.  And at a rather high opening bid of $ 2,000, unless this can be screen matched, I pass.

Lot # 1324, the Ferengi D’kora class Marauder ship master model is interesting.  It isn't a screen used model, but the master that the molds were made from.  That being said, I think this is a bit strong at $6-8,000, but not unreasonable.  It will take a certain type to want this.

Lot # 1326 is a nose cast of the Phoenix from "First Contact".  It is interesting, though not screen used.  There are a few of these out there.  A very fair $ 1,000 opening bid make this attractive.

I used to own Lot # 1327, which is Captain Picard's desktop monitor from "Insurrection".  I love this piece and think it is worth $ 2-3,000.  It is solid metal.  This is the non-light up static version seen from behind.

Lot # 1328 is the Cousteau Captain's Yacht plaque.  A low opening bid is nice.  I want to know the provenance though as there are a ton of dedication plaques out there.  If interested, contact Brian at Profiles who will tell you what he knows.

FInally is Lot # 1330, the Type 2 Dolphin Phaser from Nemesis.  Again, I want to know provenance, but this is a cool prop, which I own an example of myself.  I wouldn't go higher than $ 1,500 on this as these have been out there and the new phasers don't get much beyond $2,000.  

OK, well, those are my thoughts.   As always, I am available to chat with anyone who wants my insight, and Iw ill be at Profiles tomorrow.  

Good hunting!