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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Propworx suing Tiana Armstrong for Fraud, Breach of Contract

Last year Propworx was involved in a series of Star Trek prop sales with prop dealer Tiana Armstong of Hero Prop LLP.  Unfortunately, these transactions did not go as anticipated and Propworx is now suing Tiana Armstrong for fraud and breach of contract.  I cannot warn people strongly enough about Tiana. Do not buy from her, and certainly do not sell through her.  

The fraud claim we filed is based the the fact that Tiana claimed she only charges 20% to sell an item, but in fact, she was selling my items for twice what she said she was and pocketing the difference.  That is outright fraud.

As to the breach of contract claim, Tiana asked me to bring a seller to the table to match with her buyer, much like a real estate deal.  I brought in Jarrod Hunt, who had worked for me for 8 years before starting his own prop company, to be 50-50 partners with me on my part of the deal.   But in the middle of the negotiations, Tiana went around my back to Jarrod and they agreed to cut me out of the deal, worth hundreds of thousands in fees.  So I am suing her for breach of contract. 

So that is the high level of the lawsuit.  Feel free to contact me if you want more information, but I urge everyone to stay away from Tiana, lest you have the same problems I did.

Alec Peters

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Heritage Star Trek Auction

Heritage Auctions is holding a major Star Trek auction this weekend, Sunday, April 15th. The auction includes:

1) Screen Used Props & Costumes

2) Art from the CBS "50 years of Star Trek" exhibit

3) Original Animation art from Star Trek The Animated Series

4) The Dan Curry collection. Props and art from the collection of one of Star Trek's most famous art directors.

You can read more about the auction and register here:…

You can also read about the art here:…/original-art-from-star-trek-…

Here is a video on Dan's collection:

Please go register and bid as there are some great items!


Saturday, December 2, 2017

JJ Trek at Auction!

The Prop Store is having an auction of props & costumes from the first two JJ Trek movies.  The auction is online and bidding starts at 2:00 EST today (Saturday).

What is ironic is that I first pitched this auction to CBS in 2013, and Propworx, my auction company, would have been doing this auction if I didn't go and make such a good fan film that it got CBS to sue us!  But honestly, buying and selling stuff can't compare to the satisfaction of making a film that many Star Trek fans think is canon! (And many think is better than Discovery!)

So I will be bidding a bit today, and while most items will go too high for the average fan, there may be a few bargains.  I especially look for costumes that might be good for background characters in our Starfleet Headquarters scene.

You can bid here.
Khan's costume

A Starfleet Phaser

Admiral Pike's Costume
Klingon costume and weapons
Captain Kirk's costume

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TNG Cricket Phaser

A very desirable prop as it screams early TNG.

TNG Cricket Phasers sell for about $3-4,000 in the current market.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Propworx Auction # 10

Propworx is pleased to announce that our 10th Star Trek auction will take place one week from today, March 4th starting at 10Am PST. Over the past three years we have held a total of five Star Trek auctions, and still have much more to offer with this one! Mainly comprised of Enterprise related material, where we have the largest collection of Trip Tucker related items to offer since the Christies auctions, but there is plenty more for every Trek fan, including items from The Motion Picture such as a Deflector Dish model section and the top office section of the Orbital Office Complex model.

Just like our past auctions we have items from the collection of Gary Hutzel, Ron Moore and Robert Blackman up for bids, three amazing veterans of the Star Trek franchise who were integral to the look and feel of the different series we have all come to love.

The two main highlights of the auction are original character masks featured in the production of Star Trek: The Voyage Home. These two pieces come directly from the collection of the films producer Mel Cefros, who has had these in his collection since the film’s debut in 1986!

So make sure you head over and check out the live listings, browse through and register to bid: and make sure you check us out on Facebook at for updates and info on the auction.

Friday, September 23, 2016

"To Boldly Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season One"

This guest blog is by my good friend Gerald Gurian, about his new book:
"To Boldly Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season One" 

By Gerald Gurian
I am very pleased to announce my first endeavor as an author with the release of this 218 page, full-color interior, softcover volume entitled "To Boldly Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season One", which is now available for purchase!

This edition contains approximately 330 rare, behind-the-scenes images - the majority in full and vivid color on large 8.5" by 11" pages - from the making of the first season and pilot episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series.  All of the photographs shown in this book come from my personal collection; which I began as a youth in the early 1970's with the purchase of about 700 to 800 film clips from Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek memorabilia company called Lincoln Enterprises, and which I have continuously grown over the last forty years. It now consists of thousands of rare NBC publicity shots, candid still photos/negatives taken on the TOS sets, and rare Lincoln clips. For those that are not familiar with the exact nature of the film cells sold to fans by Gene Roddenberry's company, they were the unused pieces of printed footage, called the "trims" and "outtakes", that were left over after the Desilu Studios film editors assembled the desirable footage into the finished master versions of the Star Trek episodes. So the most desirable versions of these little pieces of 35 mm half-frame film featured some truly spectacular behind-the-scenes imagery, such as the clapperboard technician - typically Bill McGovern - holding a slate in front of the actors about to film a scene; or other rare casting or special effects related footage, or sometimes imagery with members of the behind-the-camera production crew actually visible in the frame. In January, 2014 - as many photos from my collection were published in black-and-white format in the first volume of the Saturn-award winning book series "These Are The Voyages - TOS" by Marc Cushman - I wrote the following article for this website, which still provides a good overview and introduction to my rare Star Trek image collection:

"To Boldly Go" presents not only many of the most exciting images from the Cushman TOS Season One book - most of which are now seen in color - but also a wealth of additional rare photos not included in the "These Are The Voyages" series.

I have personally digitally restored all of the rare photos that appear in this edition, and I paid special attention to the goal of recreating the bold and vivid colors that were present in the original broadcasts of the episodes. Since early 2013, I estimate that I've devoted between 2,000 and 3,000 hours to this activity. It was first necessary to perform what was sometimes extensive repair work on many of the images that appeared in the three "These Are The Voyages" books; to correct defects such as scratches and/or blemishes on the film scan - which I performed first on the color versions of the imagery, and also completed a preliminary color correction effort to remove the heavy magenta tinting affecting many of these photos before creating and then fine-tuning the black and white versions. And throughout 2015 into the start of this year, I completed my final color correction efforts on all of the first season imagery - which typically involved selecting tiny portions of geometry within the individual photos and adjusting the colors one group of similar geometry at a time - such as all the actors skin, or all of the red velour Starfleet tunics, or just the red/orange railing in Bridge photos, etc. On a few occasions, the knowledge gained by the appearance of screen used TOS memorabilia at auction has enabled me to enhance the vintage imagery with unquestionably real world, historically accurate colors. For example, modern day photos from the recent 2013 sale by Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles of Captain Kirk's Laser Rifle from the second pilot "Where No Man Has Gone Before" were very useful to my efforts to colorize an early B&W NBC publicity shot featuring Sally Kellerman and William Shatner, who posed with the laser rifle. Here is what the original publicity photo looked like prior to colorization ... (Note: clicking on any picture below will display an enlarged version).

and here is one of the Julien's images of the Laser rifle at auction ...

Finally, presented below is the colorized version as it appears in the pages of "To Boldly Go" ...

Another example can be drawn from the 2010 sale by the California auction house Profiles In History of the famous Balok alien puppet head seen in the episode "The Corbomite Maneuver". The consignor of the Balok puppet was very gracious in providing me with a number of close up photos of the puppet head for display on this website in the month and a half preceding the auction; and those pictures were particularly useful to me in clarifying the paint colors employed in detailing the puppets eye/Iris, and the periorbital skin (the region surrounding the eyelids) on the puppet when I set about to colorize a rare B&W candid shot of William Shatner on set with Balok. Here is how the original image appeared ...
and one of the modern day reference photos of the Balok puppet ...
and now the finished, colorized version of this image as it appears in the pages of "To Boldly Go" ...
I believe that my photo restoration efforts have also been aided by the fact that, as a longtime Star Trek prop and costume collector, I have been quite fortunate over the years to have actually owned and/or handled dozens of screen used items from The Original Series, and so am familiar with their correct colors, and still possess items that have and will continue to serve as excellent color references. Although, it is certainly true that the appearance of some memorabilia, in particular the gold velour 1st and 2nd season command fabric as well as the olive-green nylon 3rd season command fabric used in the Starfleet tunics, could at times vary drastically under stage lighting or in flash photography, and thus not really closely resemble their natural, in-person and off-screen colors. Still, it is my belief that the readers of this book will truly be able to enjoy some of the finest, historically accurate rare Star Trek photo restorations ever produced -- which are in some cases quite unique with regard to what has been seen in the past as I have especially created - for the first time ever to my knowledge - a number of brand new colorized versions of certain B&W candid and publicity shots just for inclusion in this volume.

It should also be noted that the rare pictures in this collection are all accompanied by usually brief but, on occasion, quite extensive descriptions or anedotes about the filming of the related scene or episode. Which makes this volume, I believe, an entertaining and unique (and hopefully somewhat informative) photographic history of the making of the first season of TOS.

Presented below are some additional samples of the interior pages of "To Boldly Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season One" (Again, just click to enlarge any picture)...

It is truly my hope that those fellow fans who decide to purchase a copy will be pleased to discover perhaps several previously unseen rare TOS images that will bring a smile to their faces; and that "To Boldly Go" will be a valued addition to their personal Star Trek libraries.

Special thanks to my good friend and Saturn Award winning author Marc Cushman who has graciously given much of his time and knowledge in not only authoring the Foreword to this volume; but also in providing detailed editing notes and recommendations.

"To Boldly Go - Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage: Season One" will shortly appear on sale at (and indeed international Amazon websites) for its full list price of $40; but it is immediately available for purchase at the Createspace (an Amazon company) estore at the link provided below. As a special enticement for buyers to visit the Createspace store, I am pleased to provide the following introductory offer Discount Code which can only be used at Createspace and which allows you to buy "To Boldly Go" for just $36 (and thus realize a special 10% savings off the regular purchase price). Interestingly, at $36 for 330 rare photos, the cost per image is close to 11 cents - which is slightly less than the 8 for $1 sales price of the Lincoln clips back in 1970.

The Createspace discount code is: DJSNR44B

which may be used to buy a copy of "To Boldly Go" for $36 at this Createspace estore link:

"To Boldly Go" is also available at at this link (and Amazon Prime members can take advantage of Free 2-Day shipping):

Gerald Gurian

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Propworx Star Trek Auction IX Preview


50 Years of Star Trek Props & Costumes

September 10, 2016
On Saturday, September 10, 2016, starting at 10:00 am Pacific Time, the Propworx Star Trek Auction IX will take place in a live, online bidding session at  A total of 215 lots of Star Trek memorabilia will be offered in the sale, which is highlighted by a Leonard Nimoy worn TOS orange Radiation helmet from the 1st season episode "The Naked Time"; 4 different screen worn Starfleet Captains uniforms (2 feature film Shatners, 1 Stewart and 1 Mulgrew); an extremely rare Star Trek: First Contact Enterprise-E Bridge Console;  an amazing 32 lots of various Federation and alien phaser weapons (including a few Klingon knives); and 47 lots of beautiful concept artwork by Emmy Award winning Star Trek Costume Designer Robert Blackman.  The phaser offerings are particularly noteworthy, given the wide selection of weapon styles and varieties represented in the sale - that range from small pistols to the largest Federation EVA rifles - that one would be very hard pressed to find a collection of Star Trek phasers ever offered before in a single auction that is more comprehensive than this.

Interested bidders may register to participate in the sale directly on the website at this link:

Presented below are some highlights from the Propworx Star Trek Auction IX offerings ...

Thanks to my good friend Gerald Gurian for putting this article together!