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Monday, April 9, 2007

Comments and emails.....

Hey all:

I have been getting a bunch of email as of late from y'all (as we say here in Atlanta) and I love reading the email and appreciate all the great comments. I will respond to every email I get and I have made some great friends from doing this.

Please do me a favor though, and if you want to ask me a question, in addition to emailing me, please post the question here as a comment, so, in addition to answering your email, I can also answer it here for all to see. Blogs are meant to be a dialog, not just an article, and I want everyone to get used to being part of that dialog.




Jeff said...

Hi Alec

Are you going to post the Star Trek costume/prop results from the "Profiles-In-History" auction held last Thursday, April 5th.

Jeff K.

Apollo 13 said...

Alec, there's something wrong with the post for the previous week. It doesn't have an area to allow or see comments. I wasn't going to post a comment, but just in case someone else did and you didn't notice it . . . .