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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Displaying Star Trek Costumes UPDATE

I have been asked lately about displaying Star Trek costumes, and I wrote about this in a very early post. The other day someone suggested I post this info again, so here it is, with some updates.

The way I display my costumes is the way Christie's did at their auction. They are half-forms and stands that look great.

Here are the uniforms as they are displayed in my living room.

Sisko and Nog cadet uniforms

Admiral Janeway and Kirk ST:TMP jumpsuit

Now here are what the displays look like:

It is two pieces and costs $ 15.95 for the form and $ 29.95 for the stand. Well worth it. Find them here:

Here is how my living room looks now!

Some costumes require a mannequin, like a 7 of 9 jumpsuit or any costume that would look better when filled out. I just bought a Reman costume and am going to buy a mannequin for it. I will write more on that as soon a I get one.


1 comment:

Jeff said...

Very nice costumes Alec. I like the "Christie's look". Thanks for the suggestion using the half-forms for the costumes. I was leaning toward "complete" mannequins, but the half-forms will do just fine. The display stands have a smaller "footprint" too compared to a regular mannequin. And since my space is limited the half-forms are the way to go. Thanks for the link.