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Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 51 Results

Week 51 Results

This post is late (we just finished Week 52) and that is only because I had to deal with IAW's crap when they got me suspended from eBay. Typical IAW nonsense. I frankly shouldn't even do these blogs anymore, because it is just free advertising for them and they are total ingrates.

None the less, I do this for us, the collectors, so I will just have to deal with the fact that IAW benefits.

The Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Archer Starfleet Uniform at $ 2,550 was a bit rich for a distressed costume. His costume have gone for $ 1,000 less in this condition.

The Star Trek: Nemesis Reman Military Uniform at $ 2,125 was just about where these usually go. They have all sold around $ 2,000 and are a good deal at that price as they are truly spectacular costumes.

The Star Trek: Voyager Romulan Tal Shiar Uniform at $ 1,575 was strong for a background costume, but fair none the less because these are very cool. This is the last version of a Romulan costume, as seen in Voyager, before they moved to the Nemesis style ones (which strangely were used in Enterprise as well...go figure). Congrats to my Brit pal Willie who snagged this!

The Tom Paris Uniform and Costume Lot went for $ 1,239. We will see this again, as the winner was one of the accounts for the guy who got banned from eBay for leaving 23 negative feedbacks for IAW. This was a good deal because it includes a Tom Paris uniform. The rest is junk basically.

My buddy Jim Williams and I won the Nemesis/DS9 Romulan Senator's Costume Lot for $ 1,225. Now this was a great deal because not only did it have a set of Romulan Senator's robes from Nemesis (which Jim wanted and are quite beautiful) but the costume on the right was Stephen McHattie's when he played the doomed Senator Vrenak in the classic DS9 episode "In the Pale Moonlight". While his name on a costume tag was not mentioned in the description, the costume matches up perfectly. So I was pretty happy about that!

The First Contact Style Starfleet Uniform went for a reasonable $ 1,156. These look great on display, and I think around $ 1,000 they are a great deal.

The Voyager Style Starfleet Uniform - Sciences Blue at $ 1,025 was a bit strong, which can be attributed to new bidders it seems. These are the least popular of the costumes, and with hero costumes going around $ 1,200, paying more than $ 800 for these is a bit much.

The Enterprise Starfleet Uniform went for a very reasonable $ 810. These are pretty plentiful, so this is about where they should go. They look good on display and don't require a mannequin, just use the costumers I always talk about from Advantage Fixtures in Texas.

The lot of Starfleet Feature Style Uniform Undershirts went for $ 772. Good to complete a Maroon or make it all match. I think this was a good deal as these are hard to come by.

As far as props go:

The Star Trek: TNG Botanical Research Terminal at $ 2,026 was a nice piece. We have all seen this on screen and it is just missing the clear globes. Nice detailing on this.

The Enterprise Starship Defiant Science Station Scope at $ 1,763 was a great deal I think. This is so freaking iconic! Everyone knows this prop and under $ 2,000 I think it was just a steal.

Surprisingly, Captain Janeway's Gramophone went for a strong $
1,314. Not crazy about this one. A lot of money for a prop not from the 24th century!

The Remmler Array model components from "Starship Mine" went for $ 1,223. This needs some rebuilding, but if put together, will look nice. So a good price I think.

The Hirogen Tricorder from Voyager went for $ 889. I really liked this prop and almost went after it. It is different from most we have seen and was reused at least once. A good deal on a neat prop.

My buddy Dana won the Voyager Plasma Explosive Charge at $ 799. These are nice and they light up. I was surprised it went so high, as I estimated about $ 500 considering where props have been going.

The Enterprise Klingon Disruptor went for a very cheap $ 735. WOW! What a deal! These are really nice and I think under $ 1,000 this is just awesome.

The Starfleet Energy Carbine went for $ 718, also a good price. These are rubber, and I haven't seen them up close. A decent price though.

The Cardassian Soldier Metal Badge at $ 700 was nice and very different. Amazing that they made a metal badge for just a few episodes, but rather cool!


Best Costume of the Week: Star Trek: Voyager Romulan Tal Shiar Uniform at $ 1,575

Best Prop of the Week: Tough to call. The Enterprise Starship Defiant Science Station Scope at $ 1,763 is iconic. As Dax would say, you can't beat early 23rd century aesthetics!

Best Buy of the week:
The Jem'Hadar Ketracel White Installation Model at $ 566 was a STEAL!

Worst Buy of the week: No bad deals this week! Everyone is wising up!

Sleeper of the Week: The Enterprise Klingon Disruptor at $ 735 is a great deal.


Star Trek: Enterprise Captain Archer Starfleet Uniform at $ 2,550

Star Trek: Nemesis Reman Military Uniform at $ 2,125

Star Trek: TNG Botanical Research Terminal at $ 2,026

Star Trek: Enterprise Starship Defiant Science Station Scope at $ 1,763.

Star Trek: Voyager Romulan Tal Shiar Uniform at $ 1,575

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