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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Voyager Prototype Model for Sale

One of the prototype models of the Starship Voyager is up on eBay, though both the price and terms are a bit off.

This is one of the prototype models created for the voyager before it was given the baby-nacelle look of the final version. I am not sure of the provenance of this model, but Anthony from the Star Trek forum tells me it is real.

However, the price is insane. The opening bid is $ 25,000 and it has a reserve! This was listed previously with a $ 100,000 price tag. So this seller has no clue. This model is MAYBE $ 10,000. Many screen used models went way under $ 10,000 at Christie's, so to think a prototype is worth more is not realistic.

Also, this seller demands a wire transfer. This is against eBay rules and makes you think twice about buying anything from this seller as you would have no recourse if the deal went south.

Finally, this seller does not have the best feedback and a PayPal dispute was previous opened against him.
Anyway, it is interesting to check out:


Rick Sternbach said...

I can verify that this is the Bondo and foamcore model I built for the show.

Anonymous said...

I would agree this is far overpriced, even if real.

Unkle John said...

Didn't they use this model for the slip-stream ship in Voyager?

batman said...

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