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Friday, September 27, 2013

Premier Props Tricorders and Proton Collector

I had a good visit yesterday with Dav Levin from Premier Props.  I got to see the 3 key props that I thought were the ones most likely to be questionable.  Two Hero Tricorders and the Proton Collector.


There are three Tricorders in the auction.

Mk IX Static Tricorder  (Which I will not cover)

Mk X Tricorder

TR-890 Relativity Tricorder

Now the problem with the two Hero Light-Up Tricorders is that unless you bust open the back and take photos of the insides, you can't tell if these are production-made, or are the ones made for Star Trek: The Experience.

So you will have to open the back and photograph the boards and send them to Brett Jones who is the expert I always use.  He can tell you if these Tricorders are production made or for The Experience.


Bust it open to find out if it is production made or made for Star Trek: The Experience


The lights on top do not work on this.  As most know, this was based on a travel clock, and comes with a vacu-formed holster.

Note top lights

It lights up!
I have no opinion on the authenticity of this prop, but have emailed Richard Coyle the prop maker.  This is NOT the one that sold in profiles a few years ago.  

There are a lot more photos on the auction listing.


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