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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mining the auctions

While many people are complaining about the quality of IAW auctions as of late, I think they are taking their natural course, and am thankful for that. The quality is merely what is available. Don't complain about the quality, but rather apply it to your situation.

1) What is your grail list? Do you know? Have you written it out? Do you know the few pieces you will give up your first born for? IAW might not have it, but be ready in case it comes up. One of my grails, the Sword of Kahless recently came up and I snagged it. I don't bid often, but when I do, it is something I really need!

2) Fill out the small items you may not have thought of. Get that Enterprise wall panel, or that Vulcan pistol. There are bargains all over the place. Mine the bottom end of the auction.

3) Contact Colin about the missing pieces you need. If they don't sell it direct, Colin will often put it up on eBay the next week. He is very good about this.

4) Be patient! I am HAPPY that the auctions have slacked off. I spent a ton over the past two years, and need a break! If it is weeks before I find something I like, THANK GOD!

5) Save your money for the Battlestar Galactica Props Auctions!

IAW won't say when the auctions will be over. Who cares? Another month, another year. It doesn't matter. Follow your collecting plan and enjoy what time is left!


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well said Alec. It's just like you told us Trek Fans at the Vegas Convention - buy only what you really like and can afford....