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Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 24 Preview

Week 24 Preview

Sorry to get this week's preview up so late, but between the holiday weekend, and being under the weather, tonight is the first night I could find time. Anyway.....

The Sisko uniform is the top item so far at $ 3,050. Now I won one just like this, a two piece version, at Christie's. I paid $ 6,000 (including buyer's premium) and felt I got a fair deal. I think this one will go between $ 4,000 and $ 5,000 and will be well worth it.

The 7 of 9 costume is at $ 2,130. One didn't hit reserve previously at $ 5,033, and I think this one will certainly go over $ 4,000 and could easily hit $ 5,000. This one doesn't have the corset that was part of these costumes, but that is no surprise as they are pretty rare.

The Lady Grilka Klingon costume is nice. All the female Klingon costumes are pretty cool and this is no exception. Currently at $ 1,247, this one could go over $ 2,000 and will look great on display.

The Dr. Bashir Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit is
at $ 1,000 and should hit $ 2,000 easy. First Contact style uniforms are beautiful and very desirable for main characters.

I really like the Future Doctors outfit, which is at $ 960 and I am sure will go close to $ 2,000. There is a big following for anything medical it seems, and Doctors uniforms are very popular.

The Torres Maternity uniform is cool in how different it is. I am not sure how well it will do, and what collector will find it interesting, but it is certainly different from the usual Torres uniform. It is already at $ 960 and so I think it will do well.

I love the Klingon Warrior Costume! This is a Star Trek VI movie version and I think it is stunning. If it had the boots, I would be all over it. Currently at $ 921, this one will go well over $ 2,000.

The Miral Paris costume is from Voyager "Endgame". I love all these future uniforms and this one will look great on display. I see this in the $ 1,800 range. It is at $ 919 now.

There is a Voyager style Dax uniform which should go at a reasonable price. The Voyager style uniforms are not as popular as the First Contact style of later seasons. This could go cheap, so keep your eye out for it! It is at $ 899 and could go around $ 1,500.

The Colonel Lovok Tal Shiar uniform is different from the other Romulan costumes we have seen. Used in DS9 and then Voyager, this costume doesn't have the obnoxious big shoulders of other
Romulan uniforms. It should go around $ 1,300 I think.

The Dr. Katherine Pulaski uniform is quite sharp and obviously unique, as no other crew member ever wore one like this. Even though it is only at 4 404 now, this will easily hit $ 1,500 and could go close to $ 2,000. Again, lots of doctor fans!

The Q2 collection is fun. I really liked this episode. At $ 380 this could be a great deal. The Female Q costume went cheap months ago.

The Ferengi Grand Proxy costume is superb! From the Voyager Episode "False Profits", this costume is amazing. It was worn by Ethan Philips and will look great in any collection. It is only at $ 360 and you should take a good look at this one!!!

The Futuristic Starfleet Uniform has been sold before. It is currently at $ 338. These have been selling cheap, in the $ 450 range and I won one very early in all this. Take a good look at this. It has a
comm badge as well.

The Worf Trial Costume is very cool. At $ 710 it will go much higher. Interestingly, this was up well over $ 3,000 today and so I assume someone bid it up and retracted their bid. From "Sins of the Father", Worf wore this in his appearance before the high council.

The Jem'Hadar uniform is only at $ 310.
Last week I bought one for $ 1,200 and felt I got a great deal. If you like Ds9, pick this one up!!!

As far as props go:

The Starfleet Medical Computer is already at $ 986 and will probably hit $ 2,000. All those medical fans! It is really nice, and certainly worth it.

The Medical Stabilizer is at $ 860 right now. Metal props always look good in the handiwork is so amazing. This will probably go around $ 1,800.

The Transwarp Human from Voyager is a cool prop. I am not sure why there is a photo of a costume in this lot, but the lot is just a prop. Made of latex, it has already shown some signs of deterioration.

The Orion console is amazing and HUGE. This will look great in your basement, but expect to pay a lot in shipping. Not many big pieces like this left I would assume.

The Deep Space Nine Operations Center Model is an amazing piece, and well worth $ 2000 or so. I would love this piece, but I am so broke now! :-) Models like
this are rare and amazing pieces of Star Trek history.

The Daniels Future Technology Case is an awesome piece. I wish that IAW had taken these pieces out and taken some better photos. You really can't get a good idea of what these pieces look like.

The Andorian Energy Carbine is a nice piece. I own a resin one and they are pretty cool pieces. This one is rubber, but look sin good shape. This will probably go around $ 600. It is at $ 312 now.

The Bajoran Phaser Rifle is awesome. I love this style of weapon, and if this wasn't rubber, I would be all over it. It is still beautiful and should go between $ 600 and $ 700.

There is also a Bat'Leth with some tip damage, which is at $ 219 and should go about $ 600-700.

Finally, I really like the Alien Head Mask from the Voyager episode "Latent Image". Of course you have the issues of latex deterioration, but preserve this and it will look amazing for you.

Well, I hope you have all checked out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums. Unlike many other prop forums, there aren't idiots who have nothing better to do than to pounce on you for posting something. We are all Star Trek fans who have a great time chatting about our favorite hobby. We are even sponsoring a booth at the big Star Trek Vegas convention. More news to follow!

Good hunting!


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Question.........

"Since before your sun burned hot in space, and before your race was born, I have awaited a question."

Well, maybe not that long, but it always sounds good saying that!

The Guardian of the Star Trek Auction, Prop and Costume Blog got this question from Jim.

"Hi Alec,

I had a question for you about a costume I just won from IAW. In last week's auction I won the Voyager "Torres Away Mission Stunt Uniform". The price I paid was $470.
I was just wondering if you think that was a reasonable price, or did I way overpay?
I know you don't think highly of the stunt costumes and I'm afraid I went too high in my bidding. My thinking was that it will display well, and I can't afford a real B'lanna Torres-worn costume. I also really liked that episode; it was the one called "Blood Fever" where Torres becomes uncontrollably horny on the planet with Paris and would have had sex with a rock at one point.
As a general rule, would you recommend staying away from the stunt costumes?

My best,



Actually, I don't have anything against stunt costumes! In fact, I think they are highly underrated for collectors on a budget. Basically, the costume was worn by the CHARACTER it belongs to, just not the ACTOR you know. In my book, still very cool!

You in fact got a GREAT deal here. I saw that episode recently and remember this costume very well. The fact that you say you can't afford a Roxanne worn costume makes this the perfect costume for your collection.

Look, I blow a lot of money on these auctions, because basically, I have no wife and no kids! But lots of people have more moderate budgets, and I think there are so many opportunities for great buys in these auctions. You have pointed out one of them, and that is stunt costumes.

And yes, this will look great on display, and that is always important!

So keep up the smart buying!


Monday, May 28, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 23

Week 23

It's a Wrap's decision to increase the number of items auctioned off to almost 150 had the desired effect this week as the total sales were $ 105,983, almost 50% above what has been the average for 100 items.

The T'Pol Uniform at $ 4,974 was the top costume this week. This price is not out of line, as we saw a previous T'Pol stunt costume go for over $ 6,000. Due to her popularity, I think this price is in line with where you would expect.

The Tripp Tucker at $ 3.950 is way overpriced. I think this might be a $ 2,500 costume, but compared to when it went at Christie's for only $ 1,800 (including buyer's premium) this is way high.

The Commander Sonak at $ 3,0512 got a lot of people interested. This costume was incomplete in that it was missing the braid on the sleeve and the shoulder strips. But it did have the built in boots and a bio-monitor buckle.

The MACO uniform with the Assault Kit was a great deal. How often do we see such a complete costume? And all those props are a good value when purchased like this for only $ 2,950.

The Starfleet Command Communications Officer costume went right in line with previous "Monster Maroons" at $ 2,948. I really liked this one as it had unique shoulder and wrist strips. The photo at right shows it in use in Star Trek IV.

The Enterprise Hoshi Sato went high at $ 2,703. A lot of these main character jumpsuits have gone high in the IAW auctions compared to what they went for at Christie's.

The Nemesis "Deanna Troi" jumpsuit looks great and did very well at $ 2,651. These really look good on display, and are still my favorite Star Trek costumes.

The Admiral Kirk Whale Escape Costume seems high at $ 2,651. Certainly it is a well known costume, but it is just a shirt! It should
look really nice if displayed correctly.

The McCoy Class D costume went for $ 2,359. This was the costume they used under their field jackets at the end of the movie. It had no insignia, shoulder strips or a bio-monitor buckle, as these weren't needed as this was underneath the field jacket. None the less, it is a McCoy and so a nice piece.

The Ezri Dax went for $ 2,102 and this is a good deal on the rarer two piece style.

The Borg Drone costume went for $ 1,920, which is in line with previous sales. Just be careful with these because of the deterioration that the latex suffers from.

It appears that the Admiral Kirk Casual Wear was never screen used, though it has Shatner tags. Not a bad deal at $ 1,913.

The Crew asual Wear, is the costume that looks like the one Ilia wears. At $ 1,825, I think it is overpriced just because it LOOKS like her costume. But popular none the less it seems.

The Original Series Style Sciences Jumpsuit is one of the rare TOS items we have seen. And in that lies its desireability, as it is pretty plain. At $ 1,526, not a bad deal for an item 40 years old.

The Quark costume went for a healthy $ 1,751, which is higher than previous Quark's have gone. I am sure the flood of new bidders is helping here.

Tom Paris "Drive" Costume is a beautiful costume and went for a very reasonable at $1,625...a great deal in my book for a stunning costume that will look great on display.

The T'Mir costume went for $ 1,615. For Enterprise fans, these Carbon Creek costumes have been very popular. This is the one work by T'Mire, who was T'Pol's great-grandmother.

I won the Jem'Hadar uniform for $ 1,228 and was very happy about it. I am a huge DS9 fan and so this is a welcome addition. And the price us excellent. This is one of the costumes that has been going at a good price and people should look at. There is another one this week.

Chekov Class C - This was not a screen used costume, but a great deal at $ 1,125. I am surprised this went so low!

Uhura Star Trek V Commando - Went for $ 900, which is a steal for a screen-used TOS character costume.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise "E" Bridge Console went for a hefty $ 5,101. I hope the buyer is picking up to save on shipping! I guess items like this will look great in someone's basement! Lot # 32, which sold for $ 4,200 (including buyer's premium) was the mirror piece to this.

The Dominion Ordinance LCARS panel was probably never used on screen. One source told us that this was probably created for some exhibition. And considering what is on the panel, this makes sense, as this isn't what is usually shown on a set LCARS screen. At $ 2,025 this
was way overpriced. (Another reason to belong to the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction you don't overpay for items!)

The Rick Sternbach DS9 painting was very cool, and a good bit of Star Trek history. At $ 1,275 I think it was a good deal that will look great framed on a wall.

The Klingon D'K'Tahg at $ 1,250 is a good deal on a really cool prop. Who wouldn't want one of these? The photo shows it as a nice piece that hasn't seen any deterioration. I thought this would go higher, so I think the buyer did well.

At $ 1,200, the Romulan Senate Stools went way higher than they previously have. Still, a pretty cool prop to have in yoru house. I would love a set myself!

I think the Quark Gambling chips were WAY high at $ 1,125. There are a bunch of these, and I think $ 100-150 a piece is where they should be.

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle (actually a Romulan Disruptor Rifle) went for $ 1,125. A good deal at this price as these are really beautiful. We will see more of these as there were a lot made for Nemesis, but never used on-screen.

The Vulcan Lirpa - Kir'Shara at $ 1,051 was a nice piece. i bid on this myself as these are pretty iconic, a sthis was the type of weapon used in "Amok Time". I think a good deal at this price.

The Cardassian Oval LCARS Panel is HUGE at 6 1/2' long and went for $ 1,025. Ironically, this is a WAY better piece than the other one that went for twice the price. This was screen-used and shows the Breen attack on Earth.

The Xindi Reptilian Rifle is a beauty. I handled this at the Burbank Creation Convention and I want one! Though rubber, it is truly stunning. I wish I had gotten one of the resin ones when i had the chance. At $ 898, this is a steal.

Finally, I loved "The Seventh - Energy Carbine" as the paint job is beautiful. Based on the Bajoran phaser rifle it went for $ 798.


Best Costume of the Week: The T'Pol Uniform was not only the most expensive costume, but being pretty important, it gets this award as well.

Best Prop of the Week: Well, in a very bad week for props, the Enterprise "E" Bridge Console is the best of the lot.

Best Buy of the week: I really like the Tom Paris "Drive" Costume and at $ 1,625, a great deal.

Worst Buy of the week: The Tripp Tucker at $ 3,950 is just WAY too high for a non-captain costume.

Sleeper of the Week: The Starfleet Radiological Suit at $ 1,325 is a great deal! These are beautiful costumes, made of heavy fabric.


Star Trek: Enterprise E Bridge Console $ 5,100.55

Star Trek: Enterprise T'Pol uniform $ 4,973.99

Star Trek: Enterprise Trip Tucker uniform $ 3,950

Commander Sonak $ 3,051

MACO Uniform and Assault Kit $ 2,950

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the stats!

And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Notes and Corrections on Week 23

Jorg, one of the most impressive Star Trek prop and costume minds out there (with a near photographic memory of all Star Trek episodes), and one of the brains behind Memory Alpha, has put together notes and corrections on this week's auctions:


This uniform is not from "Strange new worlds" but from the season 2 episode "Dead stop" when he is apparently killed by the repair station. The uniform is worn by the dead Mayweather clone.


features the Talarian logo and Talarian writing on the back, see here at MA.


Originally created as new Romulan disruptor rifles for "Improbable cause" (explaining the Romulan writing on the weapon). Later, the weapon was used as a Ferengi rifle in "The Magnificent Ferengi" and then used my mirror-universe Brunt in "The emperor's new cloak".


of exactly the same design as the costumes worn by Jadzia Dax and Kira Nerys at the end of "The siege", disguised as vedeks.


Worn by an alien in the San Francisco bar in Star Trek III (link here at MA ), Federation members in the Federation Council scenes in Star Trek IV and again by members of the Federation at the Khitomer conference in Star Trek VI.


Major Kira's springball outfit from "Shadowplay", the headband is missing though.


Later worn by a dignitary present during the Coalition of Planets talks during "Terra Prime", see here at Memory Alpha.


Another Ferengi dome seen only on the bridge of Nunk's Ferengi Marauder in the VOY episode "Inside Man".


Also worn by Numiri soldiers in the VOY episode "Ex post facto".


Similar devices were used as a "cortical stimulator" in episodes like "Man of the people", "Tapestry", "Dark page", "Suspicions" and as a "neural scanner" in "Rapture" and as unnamed medical devices in "Bar association", "Empok Nor", Chrysalis" and "Waltz".


A Markalian thief, by any other name. Worn by various Markalians after Emissary, for example in "The homecoming", "Melora", "The alternate".


Originally, an Arkonian uniform (Zho'Kaan's, to be precise) from the ENT episode "Dawn".


Worn by various background Tygarians seen on DS9's promenade over the following 6 years, including "Cardassians", "Necessary evil", "Sanctuary", "The alternate", "Whispers", "Shadowplay", "Body parts", "What you leave behind" etc.


Actually NOT seen in "Penumbra" but in "The dogs of war".


More about this costume can be found here.


Worked on by Rom and Nog in "Heart of stone".


Vulcan, not Romulan.


Also worn by the Hazari in the VOY episode "Think tank".


Worn by an unnamed crewmember of Voyager's in the episode "Remember" during the dinner held in honor of the Enarans. The velcro patch on the front of the costume was added to attach the Starfleet communicator.


One of the costumes was also worn by Leosa in VOY "Inside Man".


Seen in "Second sight".


First worn by the Markalian Asoth in "Babel", then used as the standard costume for various background Markalians on DS9's promenade for the rest of the series. Also seen in "If wished were horses", "In the hands of the prophets", "Rivals" etc.

For more information, check out the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum.

Good luck today!!!


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 23 Preview

Week 23 Preview

Well, I arrived back from the UK yesterday. Settling in, I reviewed the auctions again, and it is a pretty good week.

The T'Pol Uniform is the top item at the moment at $ 4,311.99. It is the Season 1/2 style (which personally I don't like), but considering where the stunt jumpsuit went for, this one will hit $ 6,000 easy. T'Pol remains a hot property.

The Starfleet Command Communications Officer costume is a beauty. These have been going around $ 2,800 and a good deal at these prices. I like this one for the unique coloring of the shoulder strap. Wish it had a belt though!

The MACO uniform with the Assault Kit is a great item. These have sold separately in the past. The Assault kit went for $ 2,425 and a uniform went for $ 1,025. So $ 3,000 for this item is quiet reasonable.

The Carbon Creek Vulcan costumes have become increasingly popular. The T'Mir costume is pretty nice and already at $ 1,316. Being T'Pol's great-grandmother (and equally as hot!) this could hit

The Borg Drone costume is at $ 1,125. This one has some damage to it and I can't stress enough how fragile latex costumes can be. My buddy Dana got one and had to return it as it was in such poor shape. Now that is rare, admittedly. But none the less, these costume are fragile.

The Tripp Tucker is a standout costume, currently at $ 1,025. This will probably go in the $ 3,000 range. It looks sharp with no defects. The last went for $ 3,728, but that was in an insane bidding week. I don't see this one going that high.

The Ezri Dax is nice in that it is a two piece style. These are rare and
certainly worth more than the jumpsuits. This will go around $ 2,000 I think. It certainly looks beautiful!

The Enterprise Hoshi Sato is also a nice jumpsuit. The last one went for $ 1,800. This one will go around the same. I like these, though I haven't made the plunge on a hero one yet. These are good deals too I think.

I don't understand the fascination with the Casual Dress Uniforms. It's like people think these are all Ilia's costumes. I ave no idea where this will go, but I wouldn't go over $ 1,000 for it myself.

The Nemesis "Deanna Troi" is a great example of why these jumpsuits look so good. This will look awesome on display. Currently at $ 710, this is a good deal at anything around $ 1,800.

All you Vulcan lovers can go after the Commander Sonak. Though missing the shoulder strips, this is a nice one and comes with the built in boots. Currently at $ 710, this is a nice costume that should
go around $ 1,800 and will be well worth it.

Other Costumes of Note:

Uhura Star Trek V Commando - Should go around $ 1,000 as the last one did.

Chekov Class C - Not screen used but a beautiful piece that will display well.

Tom Paris "Drive" Costume - A beautiful one off costume that looks amazing.

Quark Costume - These go cheap for no reason. This is a beauty.

McCoy Class D - These went high a week ago. Will go cheap I think.

White Radiological Jumpsuit - These are beautiful on display. A deal under $ 1,500.

I strongly urge you to look at all the costumes as there are some great deals to be had.

As far as props go:

The Enterprise "E" Bridge Console is a great piece, though very large. Who wouldn't want a piece of the Enterprise? I have no clue where it will go, but you better be ready for a large shipping bill!

The Klingon D'K'Tahg is a beauty, even though it is rubber. At $ 750 currently, this is a sure $ 1,500 item, and well worth it.

The Ferengi Disruptor Rifle is actually a Romulan Disruptor Rifle. The last one went around $ 1,200 and I think this one will go about the same. I am told a bunch of these were made for Nemesis, but never used on-screen.

The Xindi Reptilian Rifle is a beauty. These are my favorite rifle props, and I handled one in person at teh Burbank show. Though rubber, it is a great item. I see this going at least $ 1,200 and a deal at anything less.

The Feature Style Officer's Belt is pretty small, being a size 30, but these are important pieces to complete uniforms. It is already at $ 530 and could hit $ 900 or so.

The Cardassian Oval LCARS Panel is HUGE at 6 1/2' long! It shows the Breen attack on Earth and so is pretty significant.

The Romulan Senate stools are awesome, and functional. I want some myself, but will wait till the offer teh set with a chair as they did last time. these have been going cheap, so look for a bargain.

The Dominion Alliance LCARS panel is interesting in that we can't identify it from any episode. If you know where this is from, please let me know.

We also can't identify the DS9 Chair and if you can, let me know and I will post it!

The Quark gambling chips are going higher than I would think. There are certainly a lot more, but they are cool.

"The Seventh - Energy Carbine" is a beauty. Based on the Bajoran phaser rifle, I love this paint pattern and think it will look great on display.

Now that IAW is listing about 150 items per week (up from 100) it means there is a lot more potential for good deals. So make sure you scour the bottom of the list for things you might want in your collection.

However, don't bid on anything you really don't want. You will find that if you get something you aren't crazy about, it won't mean much to you in your collection.

And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums!

Good hunting!


Over 2,000 Unique Visitors!

That's right, the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Blog has passed 2,000 unique visitors! (I use Google Analytics which is free and quite amazing).

Thank you to everyone who is a loyal reader, or who just stops by once in a while. Also, the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum is a big hit! We have 76 members at the moment and we have a great, well mannered, informative group. The Forum is fun, well moderated (we don't tolerate the usual board nonsense) and
there is an excellent exchange of information. We even have our own resident savant, Jorg, who can pinpoint the episode any prop you have appeared in. He is quite amazing.

I am working on the Preview for Week 23, which will be up tonight. Just got back yesterday from the UK, and I think I am over my jet lag (thanks to sleeping 5 hours on the plane!).


Sunday, May 20, 2007

My trip to London and meeting Giles Aston

Many of you know Giles Aston, the Patrick Stewart look-alike who is a huge Star Trek fan. Well he and I have struck up a great friendship over the Internet discussing props, costumes and the IAW auctions. We actually met at Christie's and starting chatting via email a few months ago after he checked out my blog. So when I flew into London for a party a girlfriend of mine was throwing, it only made sense to visit Giles at his home. He and his girlfriend Alex even joined me at the party and we had a great time (I also remained sober and avoided puking over any park benches!).

Friday night I went to Giles home and he shared his collection with me. He also just got a package from IAW and he opened it up while I was there! Here are some photos....

Giles sitting next to his Picard as Robin Hood costume from Christie's

This is a casual costume for Shinzon in Star Trek: Nemesis that was never used

Giles unpacking the latest box from IAW

The latest arrival! Picard's Romulan Robes from "Unification". A true gem!

Then on Sunday, Giles picked me up in his vintage 1935 Frazer-Nash BMW. It is a beautiful classic car and we drove all around London, Giles driving like a maniac in and out of traffic. I have NEVER seen a car get so many looks as every passer by seemed to want a photo or give a thumbs up to Giles for having such a great car. It was amazing. I have a 2001 Lotus Esprit, and I NEVER get that much attention when I drive my baby around Atlanta. The English people, even little kids, just LOVE this car.

Giles arrives at my hotel to pick me up for a day of touring London

Driving through Piccadily Circus

St. Paul's Cathedral

And some big clock

Well, thanks to Giles and Alex for being great hosts/Tour Guides/party buddies. I had a great time in London the past three days. Monday I am off to Luxembourg on business and then back to the USA Tuesday.


Friday, May 18, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 22 Results

Week 22

It's a Wrap set had more items than ever up this week (145) but sales were half of what they were last week. That is not a surprise as last week saw the best selection to date and 5 high-dollar costumes that the buyer reneged on got re-listed, making a great week even better.

Total sales for week 22 were $ 59,633.86, less than half of last week.
None the less, there were some good items, filled in with some great bargains.

The Klingon Warrior Costume went for $ 3,150, which was the highest yet for a Klingon costume. The flood of new bidders probably has everything to do with that.

The Major Kira Dress uniform is one of the nicest Bajoran costumes we have seen, and was sold complete with boots and rank and comm badges. It went for a reasonable $ 2,677.

I won the Nog costume for a reasonable $ 1,527. I am a big Nog fan and I also won the Nog Head Mold. The fact that this costume, was the third highest priced costume tells you that it was not a strong week.

The first Guinan costume IAW has listed went for $ 1,403, which is pretty reasonable and in line with secondary character costumes.

The Miles O'Biren Distressed uniform went for $ 1,383 and I liked
this because of the very cool distressing. My good friend Martin from Germany won this, and I am glad it has a good home. It went for less than the $ 1,500 I predicted, and so this is a really good deal. And there were a lot of good deals in this price range this week.

The Harry Kim Dress uniform went for only $ 1,381 and the Voyager style Reg Barclay costume went for $ 1,330. All of these costumes were great deals and the new owners will fin d they made good investments as well.

The Picard civilian costume from Family went for $ 1,135 and I think that is a steal. What an important costume from a great episode. I predicted it would go over $ 1,500 and other Picard civilian costumes have gone for much more.

The Noss costume from the Voyager episode "Gravity" went for a paltry $ 815, which is insanely cheap for a beautiful costume in a very good episode. I think the fact that Lori Petty is a bit of a genre favorite, should have added to the price this fetched.

As far as props go:

This was a really bad week for props. So not a lot to review here:

The Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle was the top prop at $ 2,957. Despite the fact that I am not a big fan of this Phasrer Rifle, I won it to go with my other Phaser Rifles. I am trying to get one of each style.

The Voyager Briefing Room Chair at $ 1,922.99 seems over priced. I mean it is only a chair! But then again, it is very recognizable from the Voyager Briefing Room. Someone will have fun with this in their office.

The Grand Nagus Staff was broken in two, and the bottom piece was missing. So it sold for $ 1,645.99. I think a complete one goes over $ 3,000.

The Horga'hn Statuette went for $ 1.005.99. I like that IAW actually said it was the best one of the kind left. That is good, useful information.

The Prop Borg arm went for a reasonable $ 960. A very cool piece that will look great on display. I like this one a lot as it has such wide appeal.

The Jem'Hadar Kar'Takin was also a nice piece that I bid on, as it was resin. It went for a strong $ 952, but I think it will look good next to a Jem'Hadar uniform!

The DS9 Starfleet PADD went for a very reasonable $ 910. Less than other light up Starfleet PADDS. Are we seeing PADD fatigue?

The rubber Mek'Leth was a deal at $ 576. I think IAW was asking $ 600 for this at Burbank, so I think this was spot on.

Finally, the Alternate Universe Comm Badge went for $ 405. It will be interesting to see how many more of this type there are, as this was teh first we saw. It is a nice piece and I lobe how the rank was incorporated with the comm badge.


Best Costume of the Week: Clearly the Major Kira Dress uniform was the class of the lot. A beautiful, rare costume that was complete.

Best Prop of the Week: Once again a Phaser Rifle wins best prop as the Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle was best in a poor week for props.

Best Buy of the week: Both the Harry Kim Dress uniform at $ 1,381 and the Voyager style Reg Barclay costume at $ 1,330 were great deals on main character costumes.

Worst Buy of the week: Actually, there weren't any bad buys this week! Good job to all for your restraint!

Sleeper of the Week: The Noss costume from the Voyager episode "Gravity" was a great deal at $ 815 and is a beauty.


Klingon Warrior Costume $ 3,150

Voyager Starfleet Compression Phaser Rifle $ 2,957

Major Kira Dress uniform $ 2,677

Voyager Briefing Room Chair $ 1,922

Grand Nagus Staff $ 1,645.99.

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the stats!

And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums!


Star Trek Props Message Board going strong!

The Star Trek prop, Costume and Auction Message Board is going strong! It has given Star Trek collectors and blog readers the opportunity to share information on Star Trek props and costumes, discuss the weekly auctions, and have a good time.

Because of the quality of the members, their knowledge and their collections, the Star Trek Props, Costumes and Auctions Message Board is THE place to get great information on Star Trek Screen Used items. (Well, besides this blog!) We already have 67 members and we are only a week old!

You can access it here:

When you sign in, it requires admin approval before you can post, so it may be a few hours as I am in London at the moment.


Thursday, May 17, 2007

Collector Interview - Anthony Sforza

Anthony Sforza is a huge Star Trek collector from Long Island. Because of his great collection, I asked him to take part an interview. Check out his collection in the photos below!

"In the first photo of me in the Captain's chair you see a refit Enterprise and Reliant that are 1/260 scale replicas. They were bought as kits. I then found a company that does custom builds and they were painted, lit and have custom interiors. There are shuttles and people in the bays and lounges. They also did the large scale Enterprise E for me."

"The ship to my right looking at the pic is the Praylor and Kravik ship from a Voyager. This ship and the above Kazon Torpedo and Klingon cargo ship all came from the Christies auction."

"I bought the jacket the year that they opened the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas. At conventions most people have head shots signed. I was never into this, so I looked for something different to do and the jacket was perfect. So for the last 10 plus years I have taken it to as many shows as I can. It has now taken on a life of its own. People at the shows will ask to take pics of it or we get to have long talks about where its been etc. The best part is now when I put it down in front of an actor who usually is sighning at warp speed they tend to stop and look then ask me questions . On the jacket is every primary character from all 5 series except for D Kelly. I have Ricardo Montalban and Joan Collins. I have a book with all the names that we keep."

"All the props on the wall are replicas I have collected for 12 years I get them at shows or online I like replicas because usually they are cheaper to buy and more real looking then screen used plus until recently screen used was super hard to come by."

"All the props in the cases were from the Star Trek Experience. The Rules of Acquisition I had signed by Armin, Max and Jeff. The Horgon, TOS rifle, The Stone of Gault, The TOS PADD, Klingon Rifle, laser drill, mining mask, medical case and Eminar Phaser are all from the Experience."

1. How did you become a Star Trek fan?

I was born in 1966 and when the Original series went into syndication I was hooked immediately.

2. What was the first Star Trek prop you got and when was that? (also, was it real or a replica?)

The first prop I ever got was an Original series Phaser and Communicator. It was a very high quality replica and was purchase around 1989.

3. Did you buy anything from the Christie's auction? Did you go to the auction of bid online?

Yes I was at the Christies Auction and was able to purchase three screen used filming miniatures. The Kazon Torpedo,the Praylor/Kravic Space Station from Voyager, and the Klingon Transport from Deep Space Nine.

4. What have you gotten from the It's a Wrap auctions on eBay?

I have purchased one Jem Hadar costume, one Ferengi costume and one Engineering Console from Enterprise.

5. What else do you have in your collection?

I have several studio scale filming miniatures, art work, a lot of prop replicas, and tons of autographed memorabilia, and a replica Captains Chair.

6. Do you collect replica props at all?

Well, look at the photos! The entire wall of weapons are replicas!

7. Who is your favorite character and why?

Sisko. I thought he made an excellent Captain and he is an excellent actor.

8. Which is your favorite Star Trek show?

Deep Space Nine

9. What is your Holy Grail item?

Voyager or Deep Space Nine Space Station filming models.

10. What is your favorite Star Trek memory?

Being able to go to the set of Enterprise and tour the entire ship and make up department, and watch four hours of filming.

If you have a great collection, please let me know, as I am always looking for great collections and collectors!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Notes and Corrections on Week 22

Jörg Hillebrand of Memory Alpha is an expert on finding exactly where props and costumes were seen in Star Trek. He has put together a list of corrections and addendum to this week's IAW offerings.




The images were mixed up. While the first link shows a male costume, the description refers to it as having been worn by Christie Haydon, clearly female. ;-) Here's her page on Memory Alpha:
Christie Haydon

The second costume is listed as "male" though it is the costume worn by Christie Haydon in Unification I.


only worn by "customers" of the barbershop, such as Beverly Crusher in "The host", for example here


This is a Dominion interface, first seen in the relay station on Callinon in the episode "The Search I". Here's a screencap:


The "alien Captain" is actually the Captain of a Corvallen freighter seen in "Face of the enemy": entry at Memory Alpha


The costume worn by the Rasiinian ambassador in "The muse". The complete story behind that character and the creation of the costume can be found here


Those aliens can be seen in several early DS9 episodes, more info here at MA


This uniform was worn by the co-pilot of the Angosian transport (the Captain being Wagnor). The tearing in the costume is due to the removal of the Angosian badge, worn by all Angosians (except for the escaped prisoners) in this episode. The co-pilot can be seen here.


This is actually the staff used by Neelix, disguised as the Ferengi Grand Proxy, in the VOY episode "False profits". When the two stranded Ferengi, Kol and Arridor, decide not to obey the "Grand Proxy" 's demands and want to kill him using swords, Neelix uses the staff for protection. While doing so, it is hit by one of the swords, breaking in half at the exact spot where this staff is broken, explaining why the lower half is missing. So, this is likely a replica of the staff used in all of DS9, as the complete scepter was seen in later DS9 episodes, aired after "False profits". Here's a screenshot of the scene:


Another error: This is NOT a costume worn by Rene Auberjonois in the final DS9 episodes, when Odo was affected by the Founder virus, but it is the costume he wore in the Season 3 episode "The die is cast", when he was tortured by Garak and was not able to change shape. Compare the various screenshots here with the uniform up for auction - they are completely identical. When Odo was affected by the Founder virus, in "Tacking into the wind" and "Extreme measures", for example, he wore a civilian outfit, because he was on an undercover mission together with Major Kira. The melted costume he wore in those episode can be seen here for example - looks completely different.


Although not actually shown on screen, this may be from "Extreme Measures", when Sloan's brain security guard (heh) shoots O'Brien. His hand covers a wound spot exactly where the shot is on this costume.


After looking at images on TrekCore twice over, I can't seem to locate Patrick Stewart wearing this costume. He wears one white costume (which is different) and a green costume. Rather, he wears this in "Lessons" and "Attached". (Thanks Jorg!)


The species name is actually 'Malcorian'.


The mold incorrectly states 'Kas' instead of Kes.


The bust was first seen in "Warlord", then "Worst case scenario", followed by "The gift" and finally once more in "Fury".

You can learn more and chat with Jorg and other Star Trek prop and costume collectors at the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum.