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Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 28 Results

Week 28

Last week wasn't a bad week for IAW as they sold over $ 120,000 worth of items. It was a heavy costume week, though two props, the Borg Alcove and the Enterprise E Console, both were in the top 5 price-wise.

The top item of the week was the Chakotay EV Suit, which I am happy to say I won! This had been on my top ten costumes list as I knew both the Picard and Worf ones had sold at Christies. I figured that the Lt. Hawke was still around, which this may have been, though it is tagged with use by Chakotay. IAW actually said in the description that this was the best of the remaining ones available, which is a great bit of information. It tells us they have more, though not as good as this one, which lets bidders either wait, since this one was expensive, or go after this one as was the case with me, because I wanted the best they had left. I paid $ 8,607, which is more than the Enterprise Mayweather suit that sold three weeks ago. I actually prefer that style, but didn't have the guts to step to the plate at that time. Long story on what happened to that costume this week (and it's not good!).

I really want to thank IAW for adding this type of info, which they have done a few times lately and Colin from IAW says this will happen more and more as IAW tries to do their best to serve the bidders.

The Lt. Commander Data Uniform hit a remarkable $ 5,105! That is Captain's territory and so a bunch of us were very surprised it went so high. None the less,Data is a beloved character and the new bidders drove this one up. This is the first item this bidder has won.

The General Chang costume was wonderful. This was on so many people's Holy Grail list on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum that it was kind of funny when it popped up this past week. The reason this didn't go higher than the $ 3,600 it did go for was it was rather incomplete, and m ore so than your typical Klingon outfit. It had no boots, no bandoleer and the emblem from the neck piece was missing. Now, that is not to say this isn't very cool. If it had been complete, I would have gone over $ 10,000 for it. But I am a completest and like to have a costume the way it was seen onscreen. That being said, this was a VERY good deal!

The Captain Picard Away Team costume went high I thought at $ 3,061. Yes, it was from First Contact, but you usually don't see civilian wear going this high. Ironically, this was the first costume this bidder has won in these auctions, his other 8 wins coming from props. This is a memorable costume though, and I know my good friend Giles lost out on this. Chin up mate!

The "Monster Maroon" USS Saratoga Madge Sinclair costume went for a predictable $ 3,051. This is right where these have been going in the past, so a decent buy. This one actually was the one that Kate Mulgrew was wearing in "Flashback" (It fit SO poorly in that episode!) so it has added meaning. I actually own the shirt that Kate wore in that episode with this jacket, as it was Nichelle Nichols shirt in ST V and I got it when I won the Uhuru Field Duty Uniform early in these auctions. When I looked in the shirt after I got it, it had both Nichols and Mulgrew tags.

Chakotay's Starfleet Uniform went for a strong $ 2,888. The last one went for $ 2,075. It is more than I thought it would go for, but not out of reason.

The White Radiological Engineering Trainee was the first such
complete uniform coming with the rare boots. Because of this, it went strong at $ 2,850. But I think this was worth it as this is a really popular costume and this one just had everything, even though it wasn't all attached.

The Tom Paris Klingon costume is a beauty as it was a movie version made for Star Trek VI. It went for $ 2,825 which shows the implied value of the use by Paris. A shame it had no boots.

The Reman Warrior costume went for $ 2,416, which is higher than it has gone for before. They previously have sold for $ 1,930, $ 2,125 and I bought one for $ 2,000 at the Burbank Convention. Let me tell you they are worth every penny. These are simply the most amazing costumes I have ever seen. If another comes up, look seriously at it!

Spock's Camping Outfit went for $ 2,139, which I think is pretty good. The previous one went for $ 3,405 and so this buyer did well. And of course this is a very recognizable costume.

The Deanna Troi costume went at $ 2,129, which I think is a fair price. I was so happy when she finally stopped wearing those awful costumes and put on a uniform!

On to the props!

My good buddy grant got outbid on the Enterprise E Bridge Console. This was Riker's console and so pretty cool. Not as cool as one of the main Navigation/Helm consoles though, and I thought, at $ 4,550, a bit steep. That is a lot of money, though the prop is indeed very desirable.

The Borg Alcove at $ 3,939 was an impressive piece. Who wouldn't want a Borg Alcove? IAW was unsure if this was made for an exhibition or for screen use, and I have tried to screen match it and can't make a call on it. Either way, it is very cool and bound to look impressive in someone's home.

The Starfleet Wrist Flashlight went for $ 1,281, which was more than the $ 860 the last one went for. Still, a cool prop.

The United Federation of Planets Table went for a reasonable $ 1,280. It is the type of furniture prop that will actually be functional.

My buddy Jason won the Wesley Crusher Future Comm Badge at $ 1,050 to go with the other Wesley Comm badges he won at Christies. That is a lot for a Comm Badge, but when you can attribute it to a specific character, and it completes your collection, you are willing to pay more.

The Voyager Time Travel Device wasn't a particularly impressive prop, and I think the $ 880 price shows that.

The Voyager LCARS style panel is cool, but unexceptional. It went for only $ 812, probably because it wasn't a great graphic, and just buttons.

Overall, one of the poorest weeks for props!


Best Costume of the Week: Yeah, I am giving myself the award this week! The Chakotay EV Suit, was clearly the nicest costume this week. A complete Chang could have easily won this, but incomplete it simply wasn't.

Best Prop of the Week: The Borg Alcove at $ 3,939 was awesome!

Best Buy of the week: The McCoy Field Duty Uniform was a steal at $ 1,662.

Worst Buy of the week: I really don't think there were any bad buys this week. I think the Data and the Enterprise E console went high, but not bad enough to be worst deal material.

Sleeper of the Week: The B'ellana Torres Starfleet Dress uniform at only $ 1,225 was a GREAT deal and slipped by everyone.


Star Trek: Voyager
Chakotay EV Suit, $ 8,607

Star Trek: TNG Lt. Commander Data costume $ 5,105

Star Trek: Nemesis Enterprise E Bridge Console $ 4,550

Star Trek: The Borg Alcove $ 3,939

Star Trek: VI General Chang costume at $ 3,600

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the data! And make sure you check out the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


Friday, June 29, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 28 Notes

Hey all. Just got back from a business trip to L.A. (trying to get our technology on Direct TV). anyway, I didn't have time to write a preview this week, but I did want to discuss one special item.

The General Chang costume has gotten a lot of attention. And deservedly so. Just last week I asked people to list their 5 Star Trek Holy Grails on the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum and this costume came up a bunch of times. Then Friday hits and there it is! Almost like IAW was reading the Forum and though the time was time to strike!

The issue with this costume is that not only is it incomplete (it lacks boots, the bandoleer and the emblem on the neck piece), but the arms are not correct being red, rather than black as in the movie. Now we have discussed this on the Forum and a screencap was offered of the Star Trek: Klingon Academy game and it was pointed out that the uniform Christopher Plummer wore there did in fact have red sleeves in that game.

Screenshot from the game

Now was that a movie uniform that was altered for the game? Hard to say. Probably. But was it a Chang movie costume altered for the game? No way to know.

Now the plot thickens, as the uniform was featured in the Star Trek World Tour in Germany in 1999 and the traveling Star Trek exhibition that was in Australia.

Ian from the Star Trek Forum (a native Australian) note:

The Chang costume was a featured part of the traveling ST exhibition that came to Sydney, Australia. Interplay needed it for the new footage - and it was removed from display and raced back to the US. When the ST exhibit finally traveled to Brisbane, the altered Chang costume had been returned, and the new display card mentioned how the costume had been recalled and revamped for use in the computer game.

The photo from the Star Trek World Tour book clearly shows red sleeves as well (Sort of maroon).

So, the costume was most likely altered for the game, but more than that is hard to say. Is it screen used in Star Trek VI? Hard to say. For me, the fact that it is so incomplete is what is keeping me away from one of my holy grails.


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

It's a Wrap 6 month report card

Well, we have passed the half year mark and so time for another IAW report card. As I said in the last report card, the auctions were supposed to last 6 months, but anyone who saw the History Channel special and saw that warehouse knows that there will be at least a year of these auctions.

Life has gotten a lot better as IAW has gotten more experience, seen what works and what doesn't, and added staff. I think we are all a lot happier these days, and I think the number or problems are well within line with the overall eBay population. When you do 100-150 auctions a week, there are BOUND to be a few issues. What is important, is that IAW has recently taken steps to help sort those issues out by adding staff and even adding phone support.

I graded IAW on 6 categories:

1) Customer Support

2) Quality of Descriptions

3) Selection

4) Shipping

5) Web Site

6) Overall Improvement

And this time I am giving them an overall grade as well.

So here goes.....

1) Customer Support

In my last report card I gave IAW a D because frankly, the lack of responsiveness was totally unacceptable. Tiara Nappi, the owner of IAW, took some action here as she wasn't happy with the complaints she heard and felt they were justified, and so she added staff as well as a new phone number for people to contact that goes directly to the warehouse. (818-362-7234).

Over the last 3 months, things have improved a great deal. I still feel the lack of a comprehensive technology solution (and the refusal to even entertain using one) hurts them here. They just aren't using the state of the art, and this means they are being inefficient.

GRADE B- (previous grade D)

2) Quality of Descriptions

The descriptions are good, but sometimes inadequate. Too much time spent telling us about the episode or the lot, which is totally irrelevant. What we want to know is the condition of the item, and whose names are in all the tags in the piece. They do a very good job researching each costume and noting what episode it comes from and even what scene, but tmore attention to condition and tagging is critical.

(previous grade B)

3) Selection

As I said last time, one needs to appreciate that there is a ton of mediocre costumes and props mixed in with the gems at that warehouse. Not every piece is a hero costume or prop. But IAW has put up a nice mixture of both props and costumes, and the themed weeks are a nice.

(previous grade A-)

4) Shipping

The effort put into packaging is excellent. Everything arrives safely and well packed.

Unfortunately the amount of time it takes to get an item can vary from days to weeks. However, IAW is very clear that shipping takes 3-6 weeks. If you are patient, the items get to you.

Again, this is lack of a technology system to manage the process, which I think IAW has overly complicated. Shipping out 50 items a day is a no brainer. It isn't that tough with the right tools. If they had one they could spit out packing invoices every day and ship in a timely manner.

(previous grade B)

5) Web Site

I am talking here about just the Star Trek portion of the IAW website and ignoring the rest. Basically, the site hasn't been updated in 6 months. Well, talking to the IAW staff, even they don't like their web site. They know the issues, basically they can't update the site dynamically, and it can't be integrated with their eBay sales (again...there are technology solutions for this). After talking to their staff though, it is obvious this just isn't a priority due to bandwidth limitations, which I can appreciate.

However, there are so many great solutions to be had cheap, they could solve this problem rather easily. Last time I gave them an F, which I am upgrading to a C- as now it is pretty obvious that they aren't happy and would love a better solution. Basically the web site has become a display ad for their auctions.

GRADE C- (previous grade F)

6) Overall Improvement

How has IAW improved all categories over the second 3 months? Well, their customer service has improved in that they have more staff and a phone number now. But getting a straight answer isn't always easy. Again, this is a technology problem, and as long as they resist implementing what most other large scale eBay sellers use, they will not be able to answer questions efficiently.

GRADE B+ (previous grade C)

So what has happened in regards to changes I suggested in my last report card? Well I made three recommendations, two of which they have acted upon (not through anything I did, I just think Tiara is a smart businesswoman and saw where they needed to improve).

1) More staff - They have added two CSRs to their staff according to Tiara.

2) Better technology - Done nothing here. Still biggest weakness.

3) Make customer service a priority - I think Tiara did just this. I am not sure the result has quite been seen to its fullest extent yet, but Tiara made no bones about this being a priority.

So overall, I am giving IAW a solid "B". If they had implemented a technology solution, I think this would have cleaned up all the areas where they were weak and they would have gotten an "A". So maybe in 3 months we will see that, but a solid round of applause for good overall improvement from IAW!


Saturday, June 23, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 27 Results

Week 27

Well, last week was in fact the week of props. We haven't seen a week with so many props before. But there were still a few good costumes. The Enterprise T'Pol costume from "A Night in Sickbay" hit $ 4,050, which is cheap considering where T'Pol's have been going. This was definitely a second Tier T'Pol costume, and it still went for what any other character's primary costume would go for. Interestingly, the costume was won by eBay bidder
maharanidivawho won last week's top selling T'Pol costume which went for $ 9,978.

The Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform commando style uniform went for $ 3,650, which was less than the $ 3,100 it went for previously. I was surprised how cheap this went, and for a Captain's costume, a great deal.

The Enterprise Sub Commander T'Pol civilian costume went for $ 2,550. Well, at least if you want a T'Pol, you can get one at a reasonable price.

Lt. Reed's Starfleet Uniform wnt for $ 1,681 which was exactly where I predicted it would go. Over time we have seen main character's uniforms go in the $ 1,500-1,800 range pretty regularly.

he Klingon Chancellor costume from Enterprise hit a respectable $ 1,422! Which makes it the 5th highest costume, which is no surprise in a weak selection of costumes.

Now the Garak Cardassian costume was an absolute steal at $ 1,275, and my good friend Jim Williams won it. Considering where past Garak's have gone, this one was a great deal. It isn't my favorite Garak costume, but it is still nice and a reasonable price.

The Orion Slave Girl costume at $ 1,264 was an interesting buy. I never know how these costumes would be displayed. But what is more Iconic than green women?

The Crewman Elizabeth Cutler is a fourth season costume, which is curious as Cutler wasn't in the fourth season (actress Kellie Waymire passed away before the season). None the less, it is a beautiful costume and at $ 1,180, was a good deal.

The Bashir Sciences Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,075 was a fair deal. I liked this costume because of the distressing. With the black and gray style being so popular I think this will be a great addition to someone's collection.

The Major Kira Bajoran Uniform from "The Way of the Warrior" was distressed for when Kira gets stabbed. I really liked this one, and at $ 1,037 was very good deal. Like the Garak's (but not to the same extent), Kira's go high, so this was a good deal.

On to the props!

Top prop of the week was also the most expensive item of the week. The Star Trek: Enterprise Kir' Shara Stunt Statue and Bag saw a lot of action before ending at an incredible $ 9,100. Even at Christie's the same statue (not broken as this one is) went for only $ 6,000! This was also won by eBay buyer maharanidiva, who won the top priced T'Pol costume the past two weeks.

The Enterprise Medical Supplies case went strong at $ 3,152. It had a lot of nice props in it, and that is why this item went so high. It was beautiful and so I think worth the money.

The Starfleet Engineering Cart at $ 2,939 was interesting. All week long people were calling this the shopping cart. It's pretty cool and unique. It will make a great centerpiece to a game room. Of course the shipping will be killer on this.

I bid strong on
Shran's Andorian PADD but got blown out of the water at $ 2,425. We haven't seen a PADD go this high before, and I just couldn't justify this price for a PADD. It is very cool though and I am sure it got a good home.

The Enterprise Engineering PADD went crazy high at $ 2,275. I don't get this, as there are a bunch of these props available as this was the most common PADD in all the series. It was used extensively in Enterprise and there are a few scenes where there are a bunch of them lying around. Now, these did go high at Christie's, so this might be the reason for this, but I still think this went high.

The Enterprise NX-01 button and Comm panels did very well at $ 2,076, as Enterprise set dressing continues to go high. At least this one had the very recognizable Comm panel.

The NX-01 Computer Interface Panels went for $ 2,036. Not crazy about these and I think eventually this set dressing will come down as there is so much of it.

I own one a Mark II Type 3 Phaser rifle and I paid $ 2,000 for it, so this one at $ 2,026. The two previous ones have sold for $ 2,370 and $ 2,325 (both resin). This one went higher than I thought, and I think again this is due to new bidders coming in to these auctions.

The Klingon Hand Pistol was beautiful and had a holster, but went very high at $ 2,025 as the previous high was $ 1,150. New bidders again I think.

The Universal Translator went for $ 1,913, which was $ 300 more than the last one that sold for. I bid on this, but didn't expect it to go this high. None the less, a very cool prop.

The Klingon Bat'Leth went high at $ 1,784. While one did hit $ 1,500, these have been going in the $ 1,000 range. They are very cool though as well as iconic and will display great.

The Enterprise Security lock from Daniels quarters went for $ 1,614. A well built prop that looks amazing, I think this was a great deal.

The Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case at $ 1,714 was another great deal for a beautiful prop. This had two of the very cool medical scanners, one of which was a light up hero version, the other a rubber version.

The USS Defiant Phaser Array Power Cell from the DS9 episode "Behind the Lines" was a great prop. At $ 1,580 I was outbid, but I didn't want to drive the price up as there were 7 of these in the episode. It is a beautiful prop.

The Enterprise Communicator at $ 1,525 was high as this was an Art Asylum version, but came with a holster. I know one of my good friends bid on this, and he is a great and sharp collector and he let it go, so I think my evaluation of this going too high is right.


Best Costume of the Week: The Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform was clearly the nicest costume this week.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise Medical Supplies case was really beautiful.

Best Buy of the week: The Garak Cardassian costume at $ 1,275 was a super deal.

Worst Buy of the week: The Enterprise Kir' Shara Stunt Statue and Bag was also WAY overpriced.

Sleeper of the Week: The Neutron Microscope at $ 1,025 was a great deal on an amazing prop.


Star Trek: Enterprise Kir' Shara Stunt Statue and Bag
$ 9,100

Star Trek: Enterprise
Enterprise T'Pol costume$ 4.050

Star Trek: Enterprise The Enterprise Medical Supplies case $ 3,152

Star Trek: TNG Starfleet Engineering Cart $ 2,939

Star Trek: DS9 Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform $ 2,650

Thanks to Aaron Carlson for the data! And make sure you check out the new Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forums, the best way to make sure you get the best info on the IAW auctions!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 27 Preview - COSTUMES

OK, on to the costumes. Because there are so many props, there aren't a ton of great costumes, so this will be short. But look carefully, as I think props will dominate people's bidding and some nice costumes might go low.

The Enterprise T'Pol costume from "A Night in Sickbay" is currently at $ 4,000. Ok, here we are with another T'Pol auction and this one is already at $ 4,000. It doesn't seem to be the same two bidders, but who knows. Not as desireable as last week's offering, it is none the less a nice costume. I don't see this breaking $ 6,000 (but I said that last week).

The Enterprise Sub Commander T'Pol civilian costume is at $ 2,550. This will probably go for less than the above costume as it isn't quite as desirable. Still nice though.

The Captain Sisko Starfleet Uniform is the commando style vest we first saw in First Contact on Captain Picard. Currently at $ 1,822, one of these sold in the first month or two of the auctions at $ 3,100. This will probably go for $ 3,500 - 4,500. It is very nice and probably the only other copy of this style.

Lt. Reed's Starfleet Uniform is only at $ 865, and I see this going in the $ 1,600-1,800 range, similar to the Mayweather of last week. Now the last one of these went for $ 3,605, but that was in a week where Enterprise uniforms were going at crazy prices.

The Garak Cardassian costume is nice in that we haven't seen that many good costumes from him. The couple really nice ones we did see went for ridiculous prices. This one is currently at $ 707 and should hit $ 2,000 as this is a nice one. Not as recognizable as the other two costumes that went for high dollars previously.

The Crewman Elizabeth Cutler is a fourth season jumpsuit and therefore very desirable for the epaulets and Starfleet Command patch. Currently at $ 643, this should go around $ 1,200-1,300 and I would not be surprised if higher.

The "Stron" Carbon Creek costume is another from this popular episode. They have been going in the $ 450-600 price range. This one is already at $ 550. These are a great deal because of how nice they are and they display very well.

The Worf Mok'Bara top is one of the lone TNG costumes. At $ 510, it is almost at the $ 535 that the last one of these went for. This is a good way to get a Worf if you are on a budget, as this is very recognizable.

The Primary Sphere Builder costume is the latest costume from this group we have seen. The last two were regular versions and went for $ 598 and $ 708. I won one of them and can tell you they are really beautiful. The foam appliqu├ęs have deteriorated a bit in places, but they are great costumes.

The Bashir Sciences Starfleet Uniform is the popular black and gray style and is distressed with a very cool phaser wound in the shoulder. Currently at $ 410, this may go cheap, and I think this particular distressing enhances the costume. Look here for a good deal.

You have to love the Klingon Chancellor costume from Enterprise! At only $ 360 right now, this could go under $ 1,000 easily and be a great deal. It could also go close to $ 1,500 because of the importance of the character.

The Major Kira Bajoran Uniform is distressed, but will be popular none the less. Kira has a huge following and these usually go high. The distressing should moderate that fact and this should go around $ 1,000 - 1,200.

Well, I am bushed from a tough week and I hope this info helps! I will post some of Jorg's famous errors and additions in the AM.


It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 27 Preview - PROPS

Congratulations! You have all made it to the second six months of IAW Star Trek auctions! Well, I know my other hobbies have taken a back seat or are getting trimmed so I have more cash for these auctions, which are totally addicting. Every week I want more and more!

But my focus is shifting to props, and this is the perfect week for it. We have never seen so many good props in one week. Honestly, there are a ton! Now one thing to note is who low the prices are right now. That doesn't mean anything, as people are bidding later and later on items, many in the last minute. (Except for the guys going after the T'Pols!). But there are still great bargains to be had.

This morning I am going to talk about props and tonight I will discuss the costumes.


The Enterprise Neutron Microscope is an awesome prop and currently only at $ 310. This should go over $ 1,500 and will look amazing on display. Look at the details on this!

The Enterprise Medical Supplies case may well be the best prop available this week. The different components of this prop make it incredibly cool and desirable for its variety. At $ 910 at the moment, this is easily a $ 2,000 prop and will probably go around $ 2,500.

The Dr. Phlox Hand Scanners and case is similar. It has two of the very cool hand scanners, one of which is a light up hero version, the other being a rubber version. This is almost a companion piece to the medical case. At $ 368 now, this is another hot item that could hit $ 2,000. Certainly a $ 1,500 item.

The USS Defiant Phaser Array Power Cell is a great prop from a good episode of DS9. It is already at $ 1,000 and could go for double that. I have to admit I wanted this, but I think this is too high already, and after looking at the Screen Caps I saw there were 7 of these and they all look pretty much alike. So I am probably going to wait, as this isn't worth $ 2,000.

NX-01 Computer Interface Panels are two panels from Enterprise. These seem to be popular and this is already at $ 1,026. I am at a loss as to why this would be going for 3x what the Phlox hand scanners are at. I just don't think the prop justifies that expense.

The Enterprise NX-01 button and Comm panels are a better lot I think because it has the very recognizable Comm panel. I want one of these to put up on my wall! This lot has a nice selection.

The Enterprise Communicator is an Art Asylum version, but comes with a cool holster. At $ 512 now, this should be in the $ 1,200-1,300 range. The the scarcity of the original props makes this more attractive. But only the holster redeems this and makes it more than just a toy!

The Starfleet Engineering Cart is amazing! It is big and has great panels on all sides. This would look greta in a game room or such. At $ 461 now, the thing that will hurt this is how much the shipping will be.

The Klingon Emblem is sweet! It was featured prominently behind Gowron in the last scene of teh DS9 episode "Broken link". Anything Klingon does well it seems. At $ 455 now, this can easily top $ 1,000.

The Enterprise Security lock from Daniels quarters is a nice piece. I would love to see this in person. At $ 355, this should go in the $ 900 range. It looks heavy and would look great on display. Captain Archer's Spaceship Model is recognizable and there have been at least two of these sold already. One at Christie's and one through Profiles in History. This one has only one nacelle, hurting its value. Currently at $ 320, this should also go in the $ 900 range I think.

The Klingon Chair isnt. Mis-labled by IAW, this is Nimira's chair from the VOY episode "Random thoughts", and she's a Mari and not a Klingon female.


The Enterprise Engineering PADD is pretty standard and there are a bunch of these. At $ 785, this will go in the $ 1,300-1,500 range. Thsi will be the most comon PADD as this was from the most recent series and there are a bunch of these used in the show.

Shran's Andorian PADD is at $ 676, but will go in the same $ 1,300-1,500 range. It is only used in one scene, but I just saw this episode and it is pretty cool because the face is visible.

The Enterprise Hand Sized Security PADD is like one that previously sold for $ 1,132 a few weeks ago. In a week with so many props, this might go under $ 1,000. It is at $ 395 now.

The Enterprise Vulcan PADD is nice in that we haven't seen one like this before. It is only at $ 202 right now and like the above PADD, could go cheap. This was formerly a Bajoran PADD (I guess it got tired of the religous mubo-jumbo and switched to the side of logic!).

The Enterprise Orion PADD is only at $ 128 and should go at a reasonable price. It isn't quite as nice as the others, but should go for $ 500-600 I think. There is another that is currently at $ 87, and that could well be a steal. I think collectors should look here for good deals.


The Mark II Type 3 Phaser rifle is one I own. I love these and I highly recommend this! Two previous ones have sold for $ 2,370 and $ 2,325 (both resin). The last one sold was rubber and went for $ 815, another going for $ 1,600. So, there are a bunch of these, and I suggest if you want one, you go for this. Currently at $ 646, this will probably go in the $ 1,500 -1,700 range as collectors are getting their needs met and this will start coming down.

The Klingon Hand Pistol is a beauty and is at $ 465 right now and should hit $ 1,200. While rubber, this is a beauty. And has been pointed out to me by many people, the rubber on Enterprise props was very dense, and won't bend easily and thus will not crack in ways that previous rubber props will. I highly recommend this one. Great detailing.

At $ 391, the Vulcan Energy Pistol is reasonable and will probably go in the $600-800 range.
A previous one went for $ 830, so this should go for less than that. It has also been used as a Hirogen pistol as well as by a couple of alien races.

The Enterprise Phase Pistol is an Art Asylum version with a regular holster. It is at $ 307. The last one like this went for $ 1,025. The other versions have been foam rubber, which you really don't want as they are very soft and will not age well. The stiff rubber versions are rare, as the mold broke early on (it was a complex mold because of teh shape) and that is when they moved to the Art Asylum versions.

The Mazarite Energy Pistol and Holster is at $ 305 and has the chance of being a good deal. Not a well known weapon, it could go for $ 600 or so.

The Andorian Ushaan-Tor is from the scene where Archer fights Shran in an honor fight. It is rubber, but At $ 222 has the potential to be a great deal. A very cool prop, I like this anywhere under $ 500.

The Marauders Energy Carbine is a rubber version. It is pretty cool looking and used in many episodes for different alien races. The last one of these went for a cheap $ 405, so look here for a potential great deal. It is currently at only $ 111.


I really like Soval's Scanner/Communicator. It has a little damage, but is very cool looking and will display very well. It is only at $ 113 right now, and you can probably get this under $ 1,000. In a week loaded with props, this could slip through the cracks.

Valdore's Romulan Communicator is pretty boring looking. What was with the prop and wardrobe departments in this episode? I mean they reused Nemesis style Romulan and Reman costumes from Nemesis when this takes place 300 years before it! Can't they create new stuff that is cool? UGH. At $ 127.50, it will go cheap, and so check this out.

The Enterprise Hand Scanner is pretty hefty and doesn't look like rubber. This may get past people and is only at $ 138 right now. I think this would look great on display, and hopefully will hold up well.

I will preview the costumes next post.

Good luck all and happy hunting!