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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Commodore Decker's Insignia for sale

The good folks at Screen Used props have Commodore Decker's TOS Insignia up for sale in a very nice display case for $ 3,999. The description reads:

"These original series artifacts were screen worn by Commodore Decker and Captain Tracey in the episodes titled "The Doomsday Machine" 1967 and "The Omega Glory" 1968. This set of rank insignias are very rare costume accessories, as they were custom made for filming and only worn in these two episodes making these a must have for any collector of original series costumes and props. Both
came directly from the Bill Thiess estate when his collection was sold at Butterfields & Butterfields. These pieces are presented in a custom display case measuring 16" wide x 13" tall x 9" deep."

A very rare and collectible prop, but at this price and in this economy, I don't see these selling quickly.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 101/102 Results

91st week of IAW auctions (auctions ending November 28th)

While this is the 91st week of auctions, It is titled Week 101 to be consistent with the Star Trek Auctions Archive.

There were only 77 items this past week, but some very strong costumes. There were also lots of great bargains as well. Total sales were $ 34,111 and the average item was $ 455. 12 items topped $ 1,000.

The Costumes

The Phase II Engineering Red Starfleet Uniform was the hot item this week and topped the chart at $ 3,701. The reason I think this went high, is that bidders realized those were a pair of pants, not from the series, but from one of the Pilots! James Cawley, of Star Trek New Voyages, and a very experienced collector, gave me the insight that the length and color were a give away. The Mork & Mindy emblem on the back is interesting and adds to the history of the costume. This was a very strong price, but we haven't seen many of these as they all sold at Christie's.

The Voyager Captain Janeway two-piece Uniform was a good deal at $3,101. As I pointed out though, the description was weak. IAW said the jumpsuit has a tag but not the jacket. Well, was the uniform found in the Janeway section? Were they together? Another example of sloppy recording of what is crucial information leads to shakey provenance. It probably was all together, but we should know for sure.

The DS9 Breen Costume Lot at $ 2,425 sadly had no helmet. Still these are awesome costumes and a helmet replica can be fabricated. I won the first of these to be auctioned and it is a beauty. The amount of effort that goes into making these is quite impressive. This costume also was missing the belt and holster and so those will have to be replicated as well.

I won the Lt. Ducane 29th Century Starfleet Uniform from "Relativity" costume, but have decided to sell it to my good buddy Josef from Austria, who worked so hard as photographer and layout designer on teh Battlestar Galactica auction catalog. This one is a beauty. I was hoping that I would be able to get all three colors, red, green abd Captain Braxton's blue, but I am told that the Braxton has been sold already. At $2,126 this went a bit higher than the previous ones, but those were all red versions and this is the first green version.

Captain Archer's Desert Uniform went to my good buddy Dana and was an absolute steal at $ 1,600! Certainly deal of the week. It had rank pips and boots and is a beuaty!

One other great costume worth mentioning is the Captain AG Robinson Starfleet Uniform from "First Flight". I won this one at $986 which was an awesome deal, and this would have been deal of teh week if the Archer hadn't gone so cheap! I am really excited about this one as I have a bunch of props from this episode and loved Keith Carradine in this role.

The Props:

The Captain Picard Circuitry Bay PADD at $1,213 was top prop this week. It was a light up version and thus a very good deal.

The USS Warp Core LCARS Panel went for a reasonable $1,002. I say reasonable because LCARS panels have held their value over the past two years. They seem to be the signature piece of TNG and later TV series and thus have sustained a strong demand.


Best Costume of the Week: The Phase II Engineering Red Starfleet Uniform at $ 3,701

Best Prop of the Week: The Captain Picard Circuitry Bay PADD at $1,213

Best Buy of the week:
The Captain Archer's Desert Uniform at $ 1,600.

Worst Buy of the week: None! Keep up the good work!

Sleeper of the Week: The Captain AG Robinson Starfleet Uniform from "First Flight" at $986.


Star Trek: Phase II Engineering Red Starfleet Uniform at $ 3,701

Star Trek: Voyager Captain Janeway two-piece Uniform was a good deal at $3,101.

Star Trek: The DS9 Breen Costume Lot at $ 2,425.

Star Trek: The Lt. Ducane 29th Century Starfleet Uniform from "Relativity" at $ 2,126.

Star Trek: The Captain Archer's Desert Uniform at $ 1,600.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Profiles has marquee Star Trek items

While Profiles in History has had entire catalogs devoted to Star Trek in the past, this auction, they have only one prop and one costume, but both are awesome. Note that this will be the last Profiles in History auction through eBay Live as eBay Live goes away at the end of the year.

The truly amazing Star Trek piece is the Gorn costume from TOS. Yeah, this is the one! It is in beautiful shape and just about as good a Star Trek Alien costume as you could get. (I don't think the Mugato costume survived!). The costume comes with the tunic and the gauntlets the Gorn wore. The Gorn costume itself, complete with big head, sold previously at Profiles.

The estimate is $ 10-12,000, but this should go no less than $ 15,000. This is truly a great piece of Star Trek history.

The Picard Phaser Rifle is a nice piece with excellent provenance. It comes from John Dwyer, long time Star Trek crewman, who worked on the original series as well as many of the movies.

I inspected the rifle and it has a few small missing pieces. The sight on top is missing the rear plastic targeting piece and the side panel which exposes the interior wiring for the working lights is gone. Both pieces could easily be duplicated by Brett Jones at Federation Surplus as he has one of these rifles. The front light appeared to be missing, but it may just have been pushed in. This rifle is a hero as it has the front vacu-formed removable piece to allow access to the batteries and lighting. Reasonable at the $ 4,000-6,000 estimate.

Check out all Profiles items on eBay or on their web site.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Data costume from "Insurrection" for sale by Forum member.

Andy Klein from the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum has a Data costume for sale and I offered to put it up on my blog. Contact Andy at

From Andy: A Beautiful uniform used in the movie Star Trek: Insurrection by Brent Spiner as Lt. Commander Data. This is the costume that was used in the underwater scene in which Data walks into the lake with a Tricorder to investigate the source of emissions causing problems on the planet. Uniform is in fantastic condition and comes with costumers tag and Certificate of Authenticity from It’s a Wrap auctions.

Here is the original description from the auction:


A costume featured in Star Trek IX: Insurrection for wear by “Data” as performed by Brent Spiner. The costume is a black Starfleet uniform jumpsuit with gray quilted shoulders, sewn on ‘away team' gear loops at the waist, and operations gold division strips sewn onto the cuffs with an operations gold long sleeve undershirt. The undershirt features a sewn on tag inscribed ‘Data, Brent Spiner, Wet Suit’ while the jumpsuit features a sewn in tag reading ‘Data, H20, work stunts, dry suit’.

Price is $1900 firm. This is exactly what I paid for the costume and I will provide free priority shipping to the buyer. The costume does NOT include the replica communication badge shown attached. Please email me with any questions or requests for more pictures at