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Monday, June 28, 2010

Julien's Auction prices are down

Well, the Julien's Star Trek auction, announced last November, finally happened yesterday, and was a success for collectors because of reasonable prices and a wide range of low priced items from the Shatner and Roddenberry auctions. The JJ movie items finished the auction and we were all shocked at how reasonable the prices were.

Julien's has taken down their online catalog, but you can see the Flash catalog here and the lot by lot descriptions here.

As predicted the items in the Shatner and Roddenberry portions of the sale all went at very reasonable prices. I actually won the insignia lot, which had two Maroon jacket insignias and a maroon belt.buckle. The lot, which I was willing to go to $ 1,500 on ($ 500 for each of these items I figured) went for only $ 475. Part of the reason is that the lot was so poorly described. No authentication and no description of if any of the items were real or not. Certainly no one at Julien's has that kind of expertise, and they didn't bother to access any experts. The two TNG badges here were both repros and I inspected the lot in person or else I wouldn't have bid on it. I am sure that had to do with the low hammer price.

The Nemesis Turbolift Panel went for a strong $ 1,700.

The Class D and Class B costumes went for $ 500 each.

The Lwaxana Troi costumes did fairly well, and all went under $ 2,000 as I predicted. Still, these are good prices in an auction that was way under market.

Lot # 1564.....$ 1,300

Lot # 1565.....$ 1,400

Lot # 1566.....$ 1,900

Lot # 1567.....$1,100

Lot # 1568.....$1,700


Right after these 5 costumes from the Roddenberry Estate came the items donated by JJ Abrahms. Now this started with 8 Enterprise models made by QMX that were then worked on by a series or artists making them pieces of Star Trek art. Now frankly, some of these were down right awful. One or two were interesting, but unless these are done by Alexander Calder or Andy Warhol, I don't see the interest. And neither did anyone else as the models all sold at only $ 500, half of the opening bid!

I had predicted that prices on the 17 JJ movie items would be out of control, but this was not the case. In fact, the last 17 items all went at very reasonable prices! Here is the rundown:

Lot # 1577 Kelvin Crew Member Costume $ 2,750

Lot # 1578 Kelvin Phaser $ 7,000

Lot # 1579 Hero Kelvin Bridge Chair $ 1,500

Lot # 1580 Klingon Rifle $ 1,100

Lot # 1581 Romulan Pistol $ 1,750

Lot # 1582 Romulan Rifle $ 2,250

Lot # 1583 Romulan Crew Member Costume $ 2,000

Lot # 1584 Starfleet Female Cadet Costume $ 1,700

Lot # 1585 Enterprise Insignia Badges $ 1,700

Lot # 1586 Starfleet Male Cadet Costume $ 2,000

Lot # 1587 Starfleet Council Chair $ 500

Lot # 1588 Enterprise Data Tablet $ 1,100

Lot # 1589 Medical Tricorder $ 2,250

Lot # 1590 Enterprise Crew Member Costume $ 2,000

Lot # 1591 Enterprise Communicator $ 6,000

Lot # 1592 Spock Torch $ 750

Lot # 1593 Spock Parka $ 7,000

So why the reasonable prices? Well..

1) Ridiculous Buyer's Premiums - I already wrote about this and I think this was the big reason. 25-28% is out of control. No excuse for this.

2) Buyer fatigue - I heard from lots of collectors that not only had they spent a ton at Profiles. but they were waiting for the Propworx auction. This auction only had 41 props & costumes and people weren't prioritizing this.

3) There is lots more - This is the tip of the iceberg. Be patient and there will be tons of JJ movie items when the inevitable Star Trek movie auction happens.

Overall, I think Julien's does a nice set up, but there lack of experience with Star Trek was very evident. Poor descriptions and lack of understanding of what collectors expect in this regard hurt them. Their crazy buyer's premium and high shipping costs mean they should stick to very high end items where people have so much money they don't care. I really think that big auction companies can't do the fan and small collector market's well. The ROI isn't there and thus they don't invest the time in developing the markets and doing what the fans and collectors need.

Anyway, a good little auction for buyers who got some good deals.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Julien's Auction Preview - 41 props & costumes

Well, tomorrow is the Julien's Star Trek Auction so I thought I would give you all a preview of what to expect. There isn't a lot of great stuff for the prop & costume collector, and only the inclusion of 17 lots from the JJ movie and a spattering of items from teh Shatner and Roddenberry collections make this auction anything more than an estate sale. Please note, this is a VERY EXPENSIVE auction. Here is why:


The 25% buyer's premium is the highest in the industry. Not only that, they charge you 3% for bidding online FOR NO REASON. Why do I say for no reason? Because the software they use is one you purchase, and they are not being charged extra for running the software. Now in the Battlestar auctions, Propworx actually had to pay Auction network 3% of anything won online for using their software and crew (A full television production BTW). But Propworx absorbed that cost anyway. Here there is no such cost so Julien's is basically screwing the bidders out of another 3%!
Pay attention, this, plus any applicable taxes, makes this auction VERY EXPENSIVE.


Please note that I just found out that Julien's has switched shipping companies, so I don't have any news on what the shipping costs will be. However, the new company, like their old provider,
is a separate business that will certainly be charging more than an auction house itself. More info when I get it.


OK, so enough on the high cost of this auction. Let's talk about the items themselves now. 256 items in this auction. A small auction. But even smaller because only 39 are props and costumes!

19 prop & costume pieces in the William Shatner sale

5 Lwaxana Troi costumes in the Roddenberry sale

17 props and costumes from the JJ movie.


The William Shatner collection items are mostly unremarkable costumes. There is a DS9 Bashir costume, and a TMP Class D jumpsuit and Class B shirt.

The Bashir might bring $ 3,000, which is what it is worth. More than that, with the buyer's premium and shipping and this is way overpriced.

The Class D jumpsuit is a $ 1,000 item MAX. No rank or Enterprise badge and no boots.

The Class C would have gone in the $ 600-800 range at IAW. It is nice, but just a shirt and not complete. No pants!

Other than that, there is nothing much. It will be interesting to see if the second tier stuff does anything. The Jem Hadar is woefully incomplete as is the Tarlac.

As far as props go, there is the Enterprise E Turbo Lift schematic translite which is pretty cool.


Overall, this is an estate sale pure and simple. I find a few lots interesting, but these are not props and costumes, but memorabilia. And I doubt most of this will hold its value. Gene Roddenberry is certainly the man when it comes to Star Trek. We all owe him a lot, and sure I would get a kick out of a business card of such. But the replica phasers and fan art? Not very interesting. But the furniture and fixtures and for a different audience.

here are 5 really nice 5 Lwaxana Troi costumes from TNG and DS9 here. If you like the character, these are nice, but how high can they go? They are probably $ 2,000 costumes. They are certainly very nice and I am sure well made! I mean they were for Mrs. Roddenberry! I doubt Robert Blackman skimped on these. They will display well on mannequins as in the photos.


I have reviewed all of this before. You can read all of my reviews here.

Now you have to be careful here. While the Spock parka is nice and will probably be the high item in the auction, most of the rest of the items are not unique. The only rarity now is that these items have not been released yet. Once JJ is done with his next two movies, and the assets are released for sale (and that will happen) the rarity of items like cadet uniforms will vanish.

The Kelvin Phaser is already at $ 5,500. This will go at $ 10-12,000, which, when combined with the buyer's premium, will make it close to $ 15,000. That is a LOT of money for a prop you never saw onscreen.

I don't expect any good buys in this portion of the auction. Emotion will overrule common sense and we could see some crazy prices. I warn you all to be smart here and don't go overboard.

I will be at the auction and try and post live while the auction is going on.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FINAL FINAL Star Trek Prop Forum Profiles Auction results


OK, here are the FINAL stats on how much of the Profiles in History Star Trek portion of Auction # 40 was accounted for by members of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum.

35 different members won lots

54.2% of all sold lots, not counting the 15 that were passed

51.4% of all lots (150 of 292)

42.7% of the total money spent ($222,650 of $521,025) (premiums/tax not included)

Thanks again to Rik for compiling these stats!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Profiles in History Auction Review Part 3

Well, one of the most important stats from this auction is that as of now, the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum has accounted for 47.3% of all sales at the Profiles in History Star Trek auction.

These stats are still being compiled based on members offering up their wins. I will post updated stats as we get more info.

29 members won lots
44.8% of all lots (131 of 292)

47.3% of all sold lots, not counting the 15 that were passed

38.5% of the total money spent ($200,675 of $521,025) (premiums/tax not included)

Thanks to Rik for compiling these stats!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Profiles in History Auction Review Part 2

My apologies for taking so long to get up Part 2 of last Saturday's Profiles auction, but the travel from hell took its toll and I went down with a cold. But I feel great now so back to blogging! Today I am going to review the top 5 best and worst buys from the Profiles auction.


1) Lot # 1251 TOS Chekov's Tunic and Pants $ 8,000.

A total steal at this price. And half where I thought it would go. This costume went to Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum member Dr. Brett and he did well at this price.

2) Lot # 1283 Geordi LaForge VISOR $ 4,500

Another prop that went to a forum member, this time Adam Schneider, who usually focuses on models. A similar piece went not too long ago for twice this price.

3) Tricorders!

Any of the below were good prices!

Lot # 1297.....$ 3,750

Lot # 1331.....$ 1,400

Lot # 1332.....$ 4,000

Lot # 1334.....$ 4,000

Lot # 1335.....$ 3,500

4) Lot # 1408 The Doctor's Hero Mobile Emitter

At only $ 2,750, this is a great price for the KEY prop from Star Trek Voyager. And this is the rare metal version.

5) Lot # 1448 Captain Proton's Jet Pack
$ 600

Well, I have to admit I won this one. It went for $ 2,605 in week 33 of the IAW auctions. I was the under bidder then, but happy to save $ 2,000!


OK, this doesn't mean they are BAD buys, just overpriced. But as always, I must say that I have sometimes overpaid, and that is OK if a piece is important to you!

1) Lot # 1241 Balok head puppet $ 70,000

WOW! That is a lot of money for a deteriorating piece of foam rubber. Now, this is a historcally significant piece, and I am sure whoever bought it can light his cigars with $ 100 bills, but on balance, this is a lot for a piece that needs restoration and protection, and could easily still degrade. My reccomendation? Take it to Tom Spina STAT!

2) Lot # 1409 XSL "Endgame" Tricorder. $ 10,000

OK, my bad! I was the winner here at my maximum bid! Yeah, one more increment and I was out! OUCH! The highest priced Tricorder in the auction! So why did I pay so much? Well, I own all 4 main character costumes from "Endagame", Admiral Janeway, the Doctor, Captain Harry Kim and Miral Paris. Plus when I saw this Tric in person I was blown away! Total emotional purchase. GUILTY AS CHARGED!

3) Lot # 1486 Mark VII Tricorder $ 8,500

Well, if you waited till the last Tricorder you got screwed! Twice the price of the other similar Tricorders. Procrastination does not pay!

4) Lot # 1490 "Trials and Tribble-ations" Phaser $ 16,000

Well, $ 16,000 is a lot to pay for a DS9 Phaser, even if it is a TOS style. The thinking is this ois the closet to a screen used TOS Phaser you will ever get.

5) Lot # 1491 "Trials and Tribble-ations" Tricorder $ 25,000

YIKES! Again, the thinking is this is the closet to a screen used TOS Tricorder you will ever get. But $ 25,000?

Well, that is it for today. The review will continue Saturday!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Profiles Star Trek Auction Review - Part 1

Well, just getting to the Profiles in History Star Trek Auction was a nightmare for me. I had just spent two weeks on the set of Star Trek: Phase II in Port Henry, New York and was flying out of Burlington Vermont Friday. Well, they canceled my flight at 6:30pm and I was forced to drive 3.5 hours to Boston to get a 6am flight back, which would get me to LAX at 11:20, just n time to rush to Profiles! Well, that flight was canceled too! and I had to switch to American and that was a nightmare (I hate that airline), but was able to land at 11:00, get picked up and made it to Profiles in time! Whew!


Now, I have a funny relationship with Profiles in History. Even before I started Propworx, I was sometimes critical of what I considered sloppy authentication from time to time on Star Trek items. But I also am a customer and respect that they are # 1 in Hollywood memorabilia and they really have built this business. We owe Profiles a lot of respect for that. But that doesn't mean I am going to shut up and kiss their ass. Not my style (yeah I know, that is a shocker). I will always be fair with my criticism and give honest feedback and try and make the hobby better and safer for all.

Now I like Brian Chanes, my main contact at Profiles a ton. He has always been nice and accommodating, and even when he took offense at some things I said on the Star Trek forum, we were able to talk it out because I honestly am not out to screw with them and I want their Star Trek auction to be a success! Brian is a gentleman and so I enjoy my relationship with him. But sadly, Brian's father passed recently and he wasn't there most of the past two weeks. So when the whole Jem'Hadar ship thing went down, I got the feeling Profiles was pissed off and I didn't have Brian there to talk to about it.

Now Profiles should not have been upset. If someone can prove an item Propworx has in its auction is not as described, I want to know! The last thing I want to do is sell something that isn't what we think it is. It does not embarrass us because we work hard to prove everything is exactly as described. And if we are wrong, we will tell everyone! Heck, I would publish a blog article like the one I wrote on the Jem'Hadar ship if someone else did that on a Propworx item, because it makes the hobby better. It teaches us HOW to authenticate and what detective work needs to be done.

And I don't think Propworx is competitive with Profiles. First of all, we are tiny compared to Profiles! Second, outside of our Star Trek auction, we don't do multiple-consignor auctions like Profiles and probably never will. Not what I want to do. Propworx is about single-consignor auctions like Battlestar Galactica or Stargate. And while profiles jumped into that space with Lost, I honestly don't see them doing that much again since it takes WAY more work than their core auction business, and even Joe Madalena said it was a much less profitable business. So I don't see Profiles as a competitor. I see them as the grand-daddy of this business.

So, that being said, let me say this Star Trek auction was top notch. Overall I give it an A-.


Profiles always has their auctions at their offices in Calabasas, CA, about 30 minutes north of LA. I am not a huge fan of this, because they simply don't have a ton of room, but this time they did a really nice job decorating the entire room with curtains and a few items from the auction.

First of all, Profiles gave away very cool miniature TOS communicator key chains that actually opened up and made communicator sounds! A great idea and I told Joe Madalena that. It was a nice little promotional piece.

The only big problem was the rows of chairs were really tight and they didn't have that many people in attendance (typical for an auction these days, people all bid online!) and we were all very cramped. I would have liked Profiles to have loosened up the room layout after the very busy previous two days they had (where I am sure they had a lot of people). They had about 15 people for the Star Trek auction, which is what I would expect. And about half were people from the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum. Honestly, Profiles should rent out the Pasadena Convention Center's smaller spaces for their auctions. It is not expensive and would give everyone a lot more room.

The auctioneer is excellent. Profiles uses the same guy all the time, and he was really top notch and moves along nicely. He is very friendly and even intuitive. At one point there was an item I was ready to go to about $5,000 on and the bidding was going back and forth $100 at a time under $1,000 and the auctioneer looked at me and knew exactly what I was thinking (The look on my face gave it away I am sure) and said "You want to wait till they get done?" and I laughed. So he gets top marks.

The Buyer's Premium is 15% if you pay by cash or check, or 18% if you pay by credit card. No matter what, if you bid online you pay 18%. That is a little odd, because Live Auctioneers, the system Propworx uses also, charges the auction house a flat fee for using the software. None the less, Profiles Buyer's Premium is the lowest of the four major prop houses (Profiles, Julien's Propworx and Heritage) which is nice. If Propworx was doing the volume Profiles does, we could charge less too, but I applaud Profiles for keeping their BP low.

I find it interesting that profiles has so many phone bidding assistants. There were a lot of phone bidders bidding on sub-$ 1,000 items. While nice of Profiles to offer that service, it seems those bidders should get a computer and not waste Profiles time bidding on a $ 500 item! I always think of phone bidding as something for that really high dollar bidder!

And this time, Profiles got the famous German Star Trek savant Jorg Hillebrand involved to make sure descriptions were accurate. That was a VERY good move, one I suggested to Brian two years ago. And besides the Jem Hadar ship problem, they only missed one description, which they corrected on their blog.

So overall, a very well done event.


Well, let's start with the top 10 items:

Lot # 1241 Original Balock Puppet Head.....$70,000

Not surprised it went this high, but how does this look in 10 years? A beautiful piece but will deteriorate if not preserved.

Lot # 1491 TOS Tricorder from "Trials and Tribbleations".....$25,000

OK, this is insane. $ 25,000 for a DS9 Tricorder? I mean I wanted this too, because it is the closest thing to a TOS Tricorder most people will ever get. But $ 25K?

Lot # 1490 TOS Phaser from "Trials and Tribbleations".....$16,000

Ditto. I was the under bidder. DOH! Thank God I lost that one. I would have woken up with a bad headache this AM.

Lot # 1409 Mark XSL "Endgame" Tricorder

I won this. I overpaid, but it was an emotional purchase. I own all four main "Endgame" uniforms - Janeway Admiral, Doctor, Kim Captain and Miral Paris (and a cadet). So it made sense to put it all together. Plus it was absolutely the coolest Tricorder in the auction. When I saw it in person I was hooked. $ 10K was my max bid too!

Lot # 1527 EM-33 Pistol.....$8,500

WOW! That is a lot for a pistol, but this one was amazing and the metal pieces looked awesome.

Lot # 1251 TOS Chekov Costume.....$8,000

A STEAL! Certainly the buy of the auction.

Lot # 1486 Mark VII Medical Tricorder....$8,000

Even at this price, a fair deal.

Lot # 1261 Kirk TMP Uniform.....$7,500

I don't like this uniform, but it is a Kirk and a good deal at this price.

Lot # 1330 Away Team Medical Kit.....$7,000

Buy a Tricorder for this and you have one of the best props in the auction.

Lot # 1252 TOS Red Shirt Costume.....$6,500

A great buy on a TOS costume. The insignia was a repro though.

So, tomorrow, Part II and I start getting in depth into the items.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Profiles in History Auction Preview - Authentication and Provenance

On Saturday, June 12th, profiles in History will have the biggest auction of Star Trek items since Christie's. That will be followed later in June by the Julien's Star Trek, which is really more of an estate sale than a Star Trek prop & costume auction. The Propworx Star Trek auction will then follow in August.

What the Profiles in History auction offers is more hand props than the other two auctions combined. I will be an active bidder in the Profiles auction, while there is only one item in the Julien's auction I am after. I will be attending both auctions in person. Star Trek is my big collecting passion as most of you know, and so I have spent a lot of time and effort reviewing these items.

Profiles is the big dog on the block. They have been around for 15+ years and always have great stuff in their catalogs. I have won items before from Profiles, and I plan on bidding in this auction. That doesn't mean they are perfect and they clearly don't like it when I question them or their items. So can you trust their items? Mostly.

So I am going to spend this article writing about things you SHOULD be thinking about in ANY auction.


As you know by my last article, and previous articles about profiles Star Trek items, Profiles in History authentication is sometimes sloppy. They had to pull the Jem'Hadar ship as it was not what they claimed. Other items in this auction are causing a lot of controversy. They had to pull a bunch of Star Wars items, including a supposed Darth Vader light sabre that multiple sources said was fake. The Jeannie bottle is supposedly not real. The Robert Conrad Wild Wild West hat is not original as claimed and that is from an expert on that series who says Conrad never wore that style hat or had that type of trim on screen.

Now, other blogs are too busy promoting Joe to actually question Profiles in History. No real journalism is going on there. It is just blogging about props. Every major prop forum has questions about some of these items, but no one wants to say anything in public, lest Profiles get pissed off and deny them access in the future. So the collectors out there are not being helped in knowing what they can trust. In fact, they are being done a disservice because these blogs hold themselves out as authorities in the hobby but they don't do any real investigative journalism and warn collectors about what is widely considered suspect.

Well, my responsibility is to my readers, and most every major Star Trek collector out there reads this blog. I have received so many thank yous from people who are happy I did the detective work on the Jem Hadar piece. That is not because I am trying to screw with Profiles, I am very happy they are around and respect the size and quality of their auctions. In fact, my calls to CBS and to Paramount to make sure they were OK with all the "appropriated" items in this auction (they say they are not going to do anything as these items disappeared form their warehouse years ago), has put a lot of readers fears to rest. This means Profiles will be getting MORE bidders thanks to my efforts.

I only want the truth. And the more careful Profiles is with their authentication, the better for all of us. Frankly, I would help them for FREE, just to make sure Star Trek collectors, don't get taken. And my collector friends know this is true. I want Profiles to have very successful Star Trek auctions as that is good for the hobby. They just need to be better and not take offense when I catch them when they are sloppy.

The problem is Profiles just takes people's word for what an item is often without doing any independent verification. That being said, Michael Moore, from HMS, the company that made a lot of props from TNG through the beginning of Enterprise, handles most authentication for Profiles and he is as good an expert as any. My concern is previously Michael has not authenticated items that have appeared in Profiles auctions. So do they even listen to Mike when he says something is not real? Brian Chanes has showed me items they have rejected before. But how did items get in an auction that Michael didn't authenticate. I pointed this out in previous articles I wrote about profiles. And who authenticates the TOS items? Not Greg Jein. He used to but doesn't do that anymore. So we are supposed to take the word of the person who is consigning? I would like to know who the authenticators are. I certainly will discuss the process of authenticating Propworx items in detail with anyone.

We all know there are tons of fakes out there. That means that EVERYONE needs to do it better and cleaner to make sure that no one gets taken.


Provenance is the cornerstone of this hobby. And while others will say this, no one forces the auction houses to revel the provenance of items. Every single item in the Propworx Star Trek auction will have the provenance clearly stated on the COA. You will know where this came from and how Propworx got it. Profiles usually refuses to reveal this.

And the statement "I got this at XYZ auction house" is NOT provenance. Auctioning an item doesn't magically authenticate it. Heck, a black and white TOS phaser was sold by an auction house, and then bought by a major prop company who tried to sell it. Well, most TOS collectors will tell you that ALL the TOS Star Trek phasers were repainted grey in season 1. There are no real black and white phasers, they are all Mark English fakes. And so after a while the item was finally withdrawn by the seller. So you can't use the sale of an item as proof of its authenticity!

Profiles lists this as a "HERO" and it clearly is not. A HERO version of this rifles illuminates. I know as I own one.


Anyone worth his salt will tell you a COA is only as good as the company behind it. A good COA simply tells you that you can get your money back if the item is proven fake. It doesn't guarantee that the item is real, it guarantees you a refund. Premier Props sold items from "Dream Girls" that were not even from that movie! And that is from one of the producer's himself who was horrified at what he saw (Maybe why Paramount no longer does business with Premier Props, nor does Marvel or Universal). Whether this is intentional or not, those items had COAs.

What about other COAs? It's a Wrap is obviously legit as all the items came from the Paramount warehouses. Propworx is officially licensed from CBS (who now holds all Star Trek licensing rights), and the Propworx items all have solid provenance (Doug Drexler, Mike & Denise Okuda, etc.). Christie's didn't give out COAs but they did give out letters from Paramount, which are only good if you have the invoice and tags IMHO.

Profiles doesn't give out COAs, but you can REQUEST them. Not sure why they do this, but you should definitely request them when you pay for your Profiles items. At least you will be able to track back the sale and that is much of the reason for a COA. I am sure Profiles would refund your money if you ever had an item that turned out to be fake, to do otherwise could jeopardize their whole business. So I am not worried about that. Just always keep good records.


Buying Hollywood memorabilia is a crap shoot. If you don't have provenance, that most auction houses won't give you, then you need to authenticate the prop. I would never buy anything that wasn't Star Trek from Profiles unless I got a LOT of information and I felt sure that an item was independently verified. Some of the Battlestar lots for example I know are from a top collector, and so I am good with them, but I got that information from him. I have independent verification of their authenticity. That cubit lot - I wouldn't go near it as it is suspect.

But for Star Trek, and this auction, I think, with a few exceptions, you are good to go. I will be there live and have a couple items I want. Tomorrow I will tell you about some of the items and how to plan your strategy.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Profiles pulls Jem Hadar ship

My email to Profiles in History got no reply, but Profiles has pulled the Jem Hadar ship from their auction. Lot # 1487 is no longer available online.