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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

IAW receives more Negatives, claims "Organization Changes".

IAW received two more negatives today, bringing their total to 10 in the last 30 days. Not good news for IAW, who has been frantically trying to get buyers to withdraw negative feedback.

On the other hand, in the last few days IAW has resolved several outstanding issues with buyers who have had significant problems getting ANY response previously. Most of these resolutions have only happened after credit card charge backs have been filed. Two well known buyers filed PayPal disputes, but IAW simply claimed the items had been sent and gave PayPal some tracking # for another package they had sent the buyer and PayPal would deny the claim. One of those buyers finally got his money back today.

Does this mean IAW is taking time to resolve all outstanding issues? Maybe Tiara is in fact cracking the whip and insisting that problems be solved for a change. The whole negative feedback retraction requests situation makes it clear that all the negative feedback has caused problems for IAW.

Another seller got an email stating that they were "still under major organization changes". What does this mean? It could quite simply mean that they are still in the middle of their move. I do know that with the move some employees were leaving. Let's hope that these changes lead to a change in the way IAW does business. We all love this stuff, and there are some great people at IAW. Dom just has to start buckling down and answering emails, returning calls and resolving issues BEFORE they become a problem.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

More Feedback Retraction Requests from IAW

Well, IAW is still sending out Feedback Retraction Requests through eBay. Many more of us have gotten them, including me tonight. However, IAW is not giving any explanation for why you should do so. A few lucky people have been offered resolution to their issues, but not many.

Still no new IAW auctions, leading one to believe they are in fact having issues with eBay right now in regards to the amount of negative feedback they have received.

For the past 10 months, Tiara has basically claimed everything was great, certainly because her husband Dominic has told her so. Now, with all this negative feedback, Tiara is seeing that maybe all isn't so good. Maybe our complaints are genuine.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is IAW in trouble with eBay?

Well, two bidders who are members of the Star Trek Prop Forum have said they today received emails from IAW asking them to rescind negative feedback! This is a HUGE development. It appears that maybe they are having issues with eBay, and maybe eBay is even suspending their selling privileges because of the excessive negative feedback of the past month. We are still trying to confirm that, but it seems likely since there are no auctions this week.

What is REALLY ironic is that they are asking for MUTUAL feedback retraction, when they almost never leave feedback for anyone! So basically they are asking you to do something for nothing, and they never even address the reason you had to leave the negative feedback in the first place!

I would urge you not bend to IAW and leave the negative feedback IAW so rightly deserves for the crappy way they treat everyone who has an issue. I count myself in that group and will not be retracting either of the two negative feedbacks that I have left (they haven't asked yet). They deserve them and more. 4 months to get an issue resolved, going back on their word on a deal, selling an item on eBay that they agreed to sell to me, agreeing to let me mediate an issue of another user and then refusing to offer the refund another seller rightly deserved. This is not how you run a business.

Just look at the outstanding issues thread on the Forum to see the issues that IAW still has to deal with.

We will be watching this issue closely, so watch for regular updates.


Reality Check......

Friday, October 26, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 44 Results

Week 44 Results

What a CRAZY week! I have no clue what got into people this week, but there were some very high prices realized. And it wasn't for premium props or costumes. Noe really spectacular items were auctioned, but still, some people got carried away.

Want to bid smarter? You need to join the
Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum. It is THE source for information on Star Trek props and costumes. Plus we just launched Live Chat and you can join in every week during the auctions.

OK, so here we go.....


Star Trek: TMP Scotty Class A uniform at $ 4,051 was a bit strong for a uniform not used on screen. It was nice though and even had the arm braid (showing it was never sent to the cleaners). IAW claims it was the nicest hero costume from TMP left.

The Star Trek: Enterprise MACO Complete Uniform at $ 3,775 was way higher than previous ones as well! These typically go at $ 3,000.

Maharanidiva was bid up by a probable shill bidder on the Spock Camping Outfit. Just check out the bid history. This is classic shill bidding. Being that Maharnidiva was bidding on this early, and her bids were visible, the shill bidder knew she would bid high and so bid her up. I told her to back out, but she chose to bid anyway. A shame. But I have reported this to eBay.

The Terran Empire female Enterprise Uniform went for a strong $ 2,550. The last one went for only $ 1,900. These are nice, and will certainly look nice on display.

The Vulcan Kolinahr Master/Amanda Grayson costume at $ 2,247 was pretty strong as well. Interesting, but a bit dull. The bracelets were nice though and the costume is potentially an important one.

The Garak Cardassian Costume at $ 2,127 went for significantly less than it did last time when the shill bidder bid it up to $ 7,000. This was a popular costume for Garak, and went at a decent price.

The Geordi LaForge First Contact style uniform went for a reasonable $ 1,775 and included an extra pair of pants. But I am not sure why. The pants didn't belong to this costume obviously. Still, the jumpsuit is cool and will look awesome on display.

As far as props go:
Star Trek: TNG Enterprise D Schemtaic LCARS at $ 6,450 was WAY overpriced. It got my Worst Deal of the Week. First, it wasn't from "All Good Things" as IAW claimed, but it was in the main engineering set throughout TNG according to Jorg, the Star Trek expert on all things prop. At this price, the owner better hold onto it forever, because he won;t get his $ back if he tries to sell it.

Star Trek: Romulan LCARS-style Wall Mount at $ 3,351 was also over priced. Very cool and I would love to have it, but I think this is a $ 1,500 prop. Maharanidiva won this prop too.

Star Trek: TNG Relay Station 47 Model at $ 3,329 was awesome. The nicest model we have seen so far, and one that will display very well.

The USS Defiant Name Plaque Set Dressing at $ 3,000 was also way high for a piece of particle board! A much nicer Avenger plaque went for $ 2, 200 at Christie's and so I think this one should have been in that range.

The Voyager Pattern Enhancer Props went for a strong $ 2,806. Now my buddies and I were after this, but we only went $ 2,100. Not bad for three props that light up and very memorable at that.

The Voyager 29th Century Medical Device from "Relativity" went for $ 1,481. I bid on this for my Relativity collection, but got outbid. It is cool in that it lights up in a few ways.

Good Deals under $ 500

The Voyager Starfleet Uniform at only $ 485 was the best deal of the week. A Starfleet Uniform below $ 500? And a command red to boot!

The Red Squad Cadet at only $ 360 is a new low for that costume. It doesn't have the Red Squad pin, but is still a great deal.

The TNG Medical Scanner was distressed, but lights up and at $ 338 was a good deal for a resin, working prop.

The Prop Blood Sample and Test Tube Rack from DS9 went for only $ 338. A steal at this price.

The Feature Style Klingon Communicator at $ 302 was a good deal for a nice little prop. It is after all, a comm badge.

The Tan Class B Long Sleeved uniform at $ 265 was a great deal and I missed it because I was talking on the phone with my buddy Brett from Federation Surplus! UGH!

Two cool Hirogen Hunting weapons went for a paltry $ 203! Very cool and I almost bid on this. I need to keep a shaper eye next time!


Best Costume of the Week: Star Trek: TMP Scotty Class A uniform at $ 4,051

Best Prop of the Week: The TNG Relay Station 47 Model at $ 3,329 was clearly the best prop this week.

Best Buy of the week:
The Voyager Starfleet Uniform at only $ 485 was a total steal.

Worst Buy of the week: In a week of CRAZY prices, the TNG Enterprise D Schemtaic LCARS at $ 6,450 was an INSANE price for a simple LCARS, even if it was the ENnterprise.

Sleeper of the Week:The Prop Blood Sample and Test Tube Rack at only $ 338 slipped by everyone.


Star Trek: TNG Enterprise D Schemtaic LCARS at $ 6,450

Star Trek:
TMP Scotty Class A uniform at $ 4,051

Star Trek: Enterprise MACO Complete Uniform at $ 3,775 Star Trek: Romulan LCARS-style Wall Mount at $ 3,351

Star Trek: TNG Relay Station 47 Model at $ 3,329


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Michael Westmore Auctions on ebay

Michael Westmore is auctioning off some great Star Trek items from his personal collection on eBay. There are a lot of crew jackets and gifts as well as two of Michael's make-up chairs! Of course, the seller is asking for a ridiculous 20% buyer's premium, so bid smart.

Thanks to Jason White (moviepropking on the forum) for letting us all know about this auction.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 43 Results

Week 43 Results

OK, well here is Week 43 on time for a change! Prices are dropping on all but the hero items, and there are good deals to be had, especially if that is what you are looking for. I am going to start showing some of the good deals that are out there each week.

BTW, if you are not a member of the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum. you should be! We just launched a chat feature and are having weekly auction chats on Fridays as well as during the weeks whenever we get enough to chat!

DS9 Martok Klingon Robe at $ 2,276 was interestingly the highest priced costume of the week. A nice piece, but a bit high I think. There should be more of these, just look at the TNG episodes in teh Klingon High Council Chamber.

The Enterprise Lt. Reed Uniform Jumpsuit at $ 2,025 was a good deal as it came with boots and pips. As IAW puts items together to move more items, there are bound to be more good deals to had.

The TNG Insurrection/ Dr. Soong/Data Costume Lot at $ 1,902 was another mish-mash. Not sure why these two costumes were together. The Soong is definitely cool, and the other was probably thrown in to move it. I think IAW sees a lot of the costumes as just taking up space and not worth listing independently

The Commander Riker Starfleet Uniform at $ 1,815 was a good buy on a classic costume. These are almost iconic and I think everyone would want one for their collection. When background versions are going for $ 1,000, I think $ 1,815 for a hero is a great deal.

The Admiral Valdore Romulan Fleet Uniform at $ 1,780 was a great deal because these uniforms are spectacular. Of all my costumes (I own one just like this) this style is simply the most spectacular. Finding one with the harness is tough though.

The Cardassian Military Uniform at $ 1,525 was a great deal too. This was the lowest yet for a Cardassian uniform. It also came with latex Cardassian head appliances, which is cool, but be careful as these will degrade if not looked after carefully.

The Travis Mayweather Starfleet Uniform Jumpsuit at $ 1,425 was fairly priced. These types are settling down in price and there should be more.

The Generations Worf Starfleet Uniform was a cool lot in that it had multiple pieces. A jacket, two undershirts and three pairs of pants (though none of the pants had Dorn tags). At $ 1,150 another great deal.

The Enterprise Soval costume lot was nice in that the robe that was part of this lot was spectacular. At $ 1,125 a good deal as well for three costumes.

As far as props go:

You all know the story of IAW screwing me on the Enterprise MACO Phase Rifle. And although I didn't win it, I am happy to say that my buddy Adrian from the UK did. At $ 5,322 about where it should go.

Star Trek: Enterprise Avionics Bridge Bay and Monitor at $ 2,203 seems high. I just don't see the allure of these wall panels and think they are all over priced, but no insanely priced.

The Vulcan High Command Wall Decoration was won by Vulcan aficionado Maharanidiva
at $ 1,358. These things are HUGE at 10' high and 15' long! I hear they weigh a ton too. But certainly will look awesome!

The Vulcan "Stone of J'Kah" was a cool prop and went very reasonably at $ 1,136. Props like this used to go in the $ 1,800 range, and so we see prices falling here.

A nice Enterprise colored Klingon Bat'Leth went for a reasonable $ 1,125 to my friend Martin from Berlin. Not bad at this price.

I won the Garak Tailoring Tool at $ 1,084 and was thrilled. Garak is my favorite character and there are so few of props for him, so this was practically a Holy Grail.

The Klingon Disruptor Pistol at $ 910 was a good deal, as some of us paid $ 1,200 in Vegas.
These are really nice and this was a good buy and will look great on display. I know, as I have one!


Best Costume of the Week: The Admiral Valdore Romulan Fleet Uniform is a beauty! And at $ 1,780 was a good deal.

Best Prop of the Week: The Enterprise MACO Phase Rifle at $ 5,322 was awesome. I am glad my buddy Adrian got it.

Best Buy of the week: Dr. Lewis Zimmerman Costume Lot was stunt, but still a STEAL!

Worst Buy of the week: SANITY REIGNS!!!!

Sleeper of the Week: The TNG Borg costume at $ 460! WOW. Distressed, no boots, but a beauty!


Star Trek: Enterprise MACO Phase Rifle at $ 5,322

Star Trek:
DS9 Martok Klingon Robe at $ 2,276

Star Trek: Enterprise Avionics Bridge Bay and Monitor at $ 2,203

Star Trek: Enterprise Lt. Reed Uniform Jumpsuit at $ 2,025

Star Trek: TNG Insurrection/ Dr. Soong/Data Costume Lot at $ 1,902


Monday, October 15, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 42 Results

Week 42 Results

Well, another week late. I will have Week 43 up tomorrow (I promise!). There was just to much crap to deal with IAW last week and I was in no mood. They really take the fun out of a lot of this. I think many of us feel that the burden of dealing with the lack of customer service has made this whole event less enjoyable over time.

So, with all the crap that has been flying around with IAW, I have had to try and focus on the positives as well. And there are a lot of positives. Paramount has done a great service to all of us collectors by selling off this stuff. And we have all been the beneficiaries. Most of us have made loads of new friends. I know my weekly cell bill is probably 25% prop related these days. And I have a lot of new friends and acquaintances from the Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Forum. The Vegas trip was the best vacation I have had in years. Giles, Brett, Dana and Austin, Anthony, Dr. Brett, Aaron, Daryl, Tyler and his Dad, Grant and everyone else were awesome.

So I am trying to stay focused on all the good of the past year while dealing with the aggravation of IAW. Now on to the week 42 round-up. It is shorter because I just don't have the drive to right about auctions as much. But here we go:

ST:TMP Decker Class A uniform at $ 2,385 was the surprise top costume of the week. His main costume you see in most scenes, it went to an Italian buyer. It was a nice piece and will look great on display.

The Enterprise Sim-Tucker jumpsuit from similitude went for a strong $ 1,994. A memorable episode, the costume was a bit boring I think. Tripp is a beloved character though, from a show with few main characters who really had a following. Honestly, I think Tripp and T'Pol were the only characters I cared for on that show, though Phlox had his moments.

The Klingon female warrior costume lot was really interesting and at $ 1,904 a fair deal. There were pieces you don't see often, and with a little stiching, this will be an impressive addition to someone's collection.

The Sulu Commando uniform from Star Trek V was won by my buddy Aaron at a very reasonable $ 1,900. It had the rare boots, which look really nice. I just sold Aaron the Uhura I won early on, which also had the boots. A good buy at this price.

The Beverly Crusher Costume Lot at $1,750 was a good deal as you not only got the black and gray uniform, but a lab coat and a civilian costume. So when you figure it all out, a good buy. However, I don't think the black and gray looks as good with the lab coat as the TV style uniforms did.

The Admiral Kirk Class B Uniform is cool in that it is my favorite costume from ST:TMP. This doesn't have the insignia nor the shoulder boards (maybe because they were sold at Christie's for $ 3,000!). Still, this was my favorite Kirk costume from the movie.

The Harry Kim Starfleet Uniform lot was a great deal at $ 1,248. It has the rare jacket version of the costume as well as two pairs of pants and 4 shirts. My friend Martin from Germany won this along with the Jadzia and Ezri Dax Costume Lot which went for $ 1,233. That lot was a bit more of a mish-mash of pieces, but had a black and gray.

Finally, the first Weyoun costume from DS9 went for $ 1,179. It would have gone higher because I would have gone up to $ 2,000, but I didn't bid in protest to IAW screwing me on the MACO sniper rifle. There will be many more of these.

As far as props go:

The Dr. Chaotica view screen at $ 1,775 was a good deal on an awesome prop. I am sure some of you were wondering why I didn't go for it since I am such a huge Captain Proton fan. (I now own both the Malicia and the Demonica costumes to go with my Satan's Robot). Well, my good buddy Dana really wnated it, and he sells all his stuff 6 months after he gets it anyway, so I figured he could rent it for a while before I add it to my collection! It is a very cool piece though and went through two variations, this being the last of the two.

The Zephram Cochrane Statute was very cool, though foam and a bit bent. At $ 1,531 it went about where I thought it would. I wish IAW would give more detail on the condition of pieces. This is a very memorable piece from Archer's room. The one at Christie's, also from foam, went for $ 5,500, so this was a bargain!

The Astrometrics Lab Set Design Model was also one I liked a
bunch. Prolific bidder Jason Stevens won it, and I know he wanted one badly as it took some arm twisting to get him to let me have the Romulan Senate model previously. So I am glad he get his set model. And this was a nice one

The 24th Century View Screen, which was quite damaged,


Best Costume of the Week: The ST:TMP Decker Class A uniform at $ 2,385. Not especially interesting, but a key costume of an important character.

Best Prop of the Week: The Voyager Dr. Chaotica view screen at $ 1,775 was very, very cool.

Best Buy of the week: The Garak Cardassian Costume at $ 810 was a steal.

Worst Buy of the week: None. No crazy buys. I think people are settling down.

Sleeper of the Week: The first Weyoun costume from DS9 at $ 1,179 was a great deal on a costume of a character everyone loves.


Star Trek: ST:TMP Decker Class A uniform at $ 2,385

Star Trek:
Enterprise Sim-Tucker jumpsuit at $ 1,994.

Star Trek: Klingon female warrior costume lot at $ 1,904

Star Trek: V Sulu Commando uniform at $ 1,900.

Star Trek: Voyager Dr. Chaotica view screen at $ 1,775


Friday, October 12, 2007

A Happy Ending...

Star Trek Forum member, Donna (tehmom) is the most AMAZING person. After reading about my Phaser Power Cell incident, Donna, who won the item on eBay that IAW mistakingly listed after I paid for it, offered to sell it to me for what she paid! I am so overwhelmed at her generosity and this is EXACTLY what this forum is all about.

I think IAW should do something nice for Donna for making this bad situation better. I know I am sending her some nice flowers!



Thursday, October 11, 2007

Screwed Again by IAW

4 months ago I set up a direct sales deal with Colin for an EVA Phaser Rifle, a Type 3, Mark 3 Phaser Rifle, and a Phaser Power Cell. All for $ 7,400, not a small amount. For two months I waited for them to send me an invoice. I even discussed it with Dom at Vegas. Since they couldn't even send me a simple invoice, on September 14th I went ahead and paid them by PayPal (detailing the transaction).

Today I get an invoice and am told that they sold the Phaser Power Cell that was put aside for me! This was the SINGLE most important prop I wanted.

And now I get this stupid email from Dave:

"You need to work out details with Dom on any direct deals

Collin and others are not aware of what alreadys been sold in auction."

Well Dom knew about the deal, and the items were sold AFTER I paid for them.

Just one more way I get screwed by IAW. I have canceled the rest of the order. I don't need this stuff and I am so sick of this crap.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum hits 300 members!

Well, I am happy to say that the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum hit 300 members last week (now at 307). It is the best place to talk about screen-used Star Trek props & costumes, find out important info from experienced collectors and talk about the IAW auctions.

Check it out!


Monday, October 8, 2007

It's a Wrap decides to screw me

Well, I just heard from Holly that Dom is claiming he never promised me the MACO Rifle, despite the fact that I have a witness who heard him, and despite the fact that Dom recently told one collector flat out he put the rifle up the screw me. Oh, and I guess it is just coincidence that Dom put it up the day after he got an email from me about it.

There isn't a person outside of IAW who has done more to help their sales than I have. My blog alone has meant dozens, if not hundreds of people found out about the Star trek auctions who never would have known about them That means tens of thousands in extra sales for them. AND THIS IS MY THANKS?

eBay buyer Maharanidiva, who has purchsed $ 141,746 worth of props & costumes from IAW found the IAW auctions through my blog. She never would have known about them otherwise.

And because I post a blog post calling their crappy customer service to task (a post just about everyone agrees is the most even handed article I could have written), Dom does this to spite me.

His word obviously means nothing. I have emailed Tiara, but I am sure she will back Dom. I am afraid Tiara won't take care of her # 4 customer who has spent over $ 100,000 with them as well as the hundreds of thousands of $ in sales I brought their way. Everyone has been right. They don't care.

So now the war starts. Now they get treated like every other crappy eBay seller.


Sunday, October 7, 2007

It's a Wrap eBay auctions - Week 41 Results

Week 41 Results

Well, needless to say, a lot going on this week, so my apologies for this being late. Just because IAW is pissing me off, I don't want to make this blog all about IAW and their issues. After all, we do this because we love collecting stuff from our favorite show.

OK, so this is a week old. This is what closed on September 28. Nothing spectacular, but we are starting to see prices for all but the most desire able items dropping. There are good deals all over as people get worn down by both bad service and the duration of these auctions.

The Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard Uniform and Civilian Lot at $ 3,150 was the top costume lot. an interesting lot in that it had what appeared to be an unfinished Picard two piece costume. I think this was a good way to get a Picard.

The Star Trek: TNG Councilor Troi uniform at $ 2,609 was a great lot as it not only had the black and gray uniform, but it had a wig, corset, boots and pips! So I think a good deal for the buyer here.

The T'Pol away team jacket and uniform was the best buy of the week. At $ 2,420, my good buddy Jim Williams won this. Yes the T'Pol uniform was unfinished at tech cuffs, but so what? It is like a production made prop. Maybe not screen used, but that is not important to me, and this was a great way to get a good deal on both a T'Pol uniform as well as the cool jacket.

The MACO Complete Uniform went for $ 2,282. The uniform was distressed, but the whole ensemble is very cool, and a decent price. What makes this cool is how complete it is.

The Worf costume lot at $ 1,925 was a good deal I think. It was a stunt lot for the most part, but what great costumes! The Naval costume with boots is pretty recognizable. My good friend Lyn won this lot and I congratulate her on a wise purchase.

The Enterprise Xindi Reptilian Costume went for $ 1,913 and was about where these always go. The costume is a Reman costume from Nemesis where the costume has been converted from a jumpsuit to a two piece. These look great on display.

The Voyager Commander Chakotay Uniform went for $ 1,881. This had a rank pip and some costume extras. IAW is packaging costume elements with good uniforms to basically move the stuff out. A wise move (see? I can give credit where due) as otherwise these extra elements will clog up the warehouse and are not worth listing.

The TNG Borg costume at $ 1,680 was a beauty. I bid on this and my friend John won this and I am really happy for him. I wouldn't touch a movie/Voyager Borg costume as they are foam and latex and fall apart. But this one was AWESOME. A great buy and I think it will really last.

The Data Costume Lot at $ 1,585 was a good deal as it had a nice First Contact stunt Data. A good deal I believe for two stunt costumes.

The Captain Archer Distressed Uniform went for a reasonable $ 1,284. There is something cool about distressed costumes as they are so easily screen matched.

As far as props go:

The Kolaran Jeep Mounted Gun and Argo Canon went for a surprising $ 1,504. Cool in that ws two pieces. The Argo canon was the one without the electronics in it, that one being sold previously.

The Wish List - Working Light Up PADD went for $ 1,415. Another boring PADD. ho-hum.

The Alien Chair set dressing was actually pointed out to be Commander Donatra's by Jim Williams, who owns Donatra's uniform. At $ 1,289 a decent deal and won by Martin from Germany. He has no problem paying big shipping costs, but the weak dollar helps.

The Voyager Briefing Room Chair went for $ 1,227. These are very cool and I would love to have one as my office chair.

The Voyager Anti-Matter Pod at $ 1,084 was cool in that it is a
model used in filiming. With CGI, there won't be many more of these coming out these days. My good buddy Dana won this one at a good price.

I loved the Romulan Star Empire Wall Flat at $ 943. I want one, but I have been bidding less these days due to my frustrations with IAW. Still, a great piece at a good price.

My favorite prop though is the Phaser Power Cell at $ 941. DS9 fans know this prop from "Behind the Lines". It is critical to that episode and I bought one direct from IAW. I can't wait to get it.


Best Costume of the Week: The TNG Borg costume at $ 1,680 was a beauty!

Best Prop of the Week: The Phaser Power Cell at $ 941. An important prop for any DS9 fan!

Best Buy of the week: The T'Pol away team jacket and uniform at $ 2,420 had two great pieces.

Worst Buy of the week: None. We are all doing a great job buying smart!

Sleeper of the Week: The Hand Sized Circuitry PADD was a steal at $ 482!


Star Trek: TNG Captain Picard Uniform and Civilian Lot at $ 3,150.

Star Trek: TNG Councilor Troi uniform at $ 2,609.

Star Trek:Enterprise T'Pol away team jacket and uniform at $ 2,420.

Star Trek: Enterprise MACO Complete Uniform at $ 2,282.

Star Trek: TNG Worf costume lot at $ 1,925.


Saturday, October 6, 2007

Boycott costs IAW a couple thousand.

Well, it is hard to say for sure, but based on the feedback from bidders on the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum who didn't bid in protest for Dom's actions against me and the general lack of customer service, I can say that IAW lost probably $ 1,000 - 2,000 in lost higher winning bids in yesterday's auctions.

I know that my high bid on the Weyoun that went for $ 1,179 was going to be $ 1,600. My high bid on the Zefram Cochrane Statue would have been $ 2,100 and it went for $ 1,530.

A bunch of the users on the Forum didn't bid as well, and they have voiced that they would have bid much higher than the winning bids realized.

While I don't see what we did as changing IAW in any way, it proves several things:

1) We are a community and we will support each other

2) Sitting out a week isn't very hard. We don't NEED any of this.

3) Piss us off (by bad service or otherwise) and it will cost you $.

So Dom, who put the MACO rifle up on eBay just to spite me, cost himself any additional revenue he is going to get from a bidder on eBay for the MACO rifle by losing that money yesterday.

There is no doubt that the last month have seen a HUGE increase in dissatisfied buyers. Most (including myself) now won't bid unless it is REALLY important to us.

Frankly, I don't expect anything to change.


Friday, October 5, 2007

Boycotting IAW this week

Because of the unresolved issue of the MACO Rifle with IAW, I am sitting out the auctions this week. In addition, many of the members of the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum have decided to join in as a show of solidarity. Don't forget, my issue is just one of many that collectors have. Almost no one is happy with the lack of service and hundreds of unresolved customer service issues.

Many STPC&A Forum members have even written to IAW in support of me, and one even got a reply claiming that no promise was ever made to me. That pisses me off even more. Seems IAW is more concerned about squeezing out an extra few dollars than keeping their word.

I also just sent an email to Dom and Tiara informing them that their # 1 buyer, Maharanidiva, who has purchsed $ 141,746 worth of props & costumes from IAW found the IAW auctions through my blog. She never would have known about them otherwise.

I also want to thank our fellow collectors on the Movie Prop Forum who have decided to sit out this week in their outrage of all the issues that we have to deal with with IAW.


At the end of my rope with Dominic from IAW

This updates my previous post on the subject.

Well all, I have been really nice to IAW for months and tried to help them resolve problems. I am a lot nicer than most collectors who are pissed off at the problems they are having. I even sold over $ 25,000 worth of items for them at the las Vegas convention to forum members who couldn't make it to Vegas. I think everyone knows I have bent over backwards to be fair to them.

Many of you commented on how fair I was in my blog post last week. I sent Dom an email to help him understand the issues the collecting public has with the lack of customer service. Dominic in turn, sent me the following email:

From: []

Sent: Thursday, September 27, 2007 12:06 PM


Subject: Re: Just so you know

Alec...... why are you causing trouble

This is not a good thing mate.

Well, not exactly a good attitude. Taking constructive criticism is a must if you ever want to improve. And that blog post was as nice as I could make it. I know most collectors thought I was too nice.

Well, in Las Vegas, because of my help in selling all their stuff, Dom agreed to sell me the MACO Sniper Rifle that I knew they had.

Well, I guess he was so pissed off at my blog post, that he posted the rifle on eBay. JUST TO SPITE ME. What is funny is Tiara had just sent me an email telling me how professionalism is important to them. And I know Tiara is very professional, but it is obvious she doesn't know what is going on in the warehouse.

Dom finally called me Wednesday morning. He claimed he forgot the conversation at Vegas and him putting up the rifle was a coincidence. RIGHT.

I was pretty adamant that he take the rifle down and sell it to me as agreed. To me this is a matter of Dom honoring his word. He said he would get back with me that night. Then I get an email saying "Were still looking into this MACO issue". What was there to look into? You either are going to honor your word or not.

Yesterday was Thursday.....nothing.

I have no idea why Dom has such a hard time returning calls, but I am sick of it. No one can run a business like this and expect to keep customers. And to promise me something and then back out is total crap. My word means something.

(including the Weyoun I have waited 10 months for)

I am sick of this crap.