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Friday, December 30, 2011

Profiles in History Star Trek Review

So if there was one lesson from this past Profiles in History auction, it is that there are Star Trek prop and costume collectors like you and me.  And then there are rich people who like collecting Star Trek props & costumes. 

The latter group doesn't care about price quite so much.  How else could you explain some of the prices for items that would regularly sell for a fraction of that price?  It is good to be rich!

Also, note that Profiles Buyer's Premium, long the lowest in the industry, is now 23%. 

The first two items were letters from Gene Roddenberry.  The first letter only mentions Star Trek in one paragraph of a four page letter.  Pretty basic in my book and not worth the $ 9,000 ($11,070 with BP) someone paid.  Definitely more money than sense here.

The second is a letter where Gene Rodenberry is basically whining about doing what an executive producer is expected to do, create something new!  Seriously, I read this letter and was like "WTF!"  But Gene had a reputation as always over-reaching on compensation (ever heard the story about the lyrics for the theme song he wrote solely to get a cut of residuals on the music?).  This letter went for $ 17,000 ($ 20,910 after BP).  HOLY CRAP!  Enjoy your paper, but that seems insane to me.

The Science Officer Tunic without insignia or rank and faded from years in storage went for a surprising $ 7,500 ($ 9,225 with BP).  Seems a lot for a tunic that isn't very eye catching.

The Walking Tribble went for a crazy $ 14,000! ($ 17,220 with BP)  The standard Tribble went for $ 5,500 ($ 6,765 with BP).  Now, considering I just got a TOS Tribble dirct from David Gerrodl for $ 1,200, this is a bit high!  The walking one is cool, but still, way high.

The section of the V'Ger ship that was insanely over-priced with a $ 6,000 opening bid failed to sell.  No wonder.  That was pretty weak and a $ 1,000 item in my book max.  It was totally unrecognizable.

Of course the big news was the Mid-Grade Phaser 1 that went for $ 65,000 ($ 79,950 with BP).   A record for such a piece and shows that the high end Star Trek TOS market is very strong.

The Scotty Maroon went for a reasonable $ 8,000 ($ 9,840 with BP).   This was an important piece for gauging the market for prices us mortals can afford.  This price was in line with other Scotty Maroon's and shows that the Maroon market is still stable in the $ 5,000 (background) to $ 10,000 (Secondary character) range.

The Four TOS Tunics were interesting.  I am not a fan of TOS costume without pants.  They just don't look right.  A TOS costume without pants works, but a TOS does not.  But that is my opinion and your results may vary.  

Now, two of them did not sell, because of high opening bids. 

Lot 1087 Picard $ 5,500 ($ 6,765 with BP)

Lot 1088 LaForge DID NOT SELL

Lot 1089 Riker $ 3,250 ($ 3,997.50 with BP)

Lot 1090 Data DID NOT SELL

The Picard and Riker sold at reasonable levels.  With pants, add $ 1,000 or so.  But the opening bids on the Geordi and Data were too high.

The Voyager Collection of Uniforms passed and that was just a bad move putting them all together.  Sell them individual and they get more than the opening bid.

Finally the Articulated Whale Puppet sold for the opening bid of $ 5,000 ($ 6,150 with BP).  Not my cup of tea, but not outrageously priced.

Overall, the auction for TOS items was high and for everything later was pretty inline with previous sales.  


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I wish all my Star Trek collecting friends a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Premier Props Star Trek Items

Premier Props has an auction this weekend and there are 13 Star Trek items in it.  You can find the auction on iCollector here.

The first 5 items, Lots 570-574 are pretty medicore background costumes.  Not worth any discussion. 

The next 3 items, Lots 575-577 are signed scripts.  Two from Voyager and one from Deep Space Nine. 

Lot # 578 is allegedly a bottle from TOS.  However, it appears to be a fake. The bottle is called a Kluk Kluk and there are two types of this bottle, a clear one and a smoked one.  One of the top authorities on TOS set decoration says the one in the show was a smoked one, and this one is clear.  He looked at the photo and said it wasn't a match, a judgment shared by others.

So how does Premier Props justify saying this is from TOS?  There is no provenance, and no screen capping.  Are they just taking the consignor's word? 

Lot # 579 is Screen Used Makeup from Star Trek: The Next Generation.  At first glance this looks like a full head mask from Star Trek VI.  But it says in the description that it is makeup and hair mounted on a bust for display.  I think if you are interested in this item you need to call up Premier Props and get some more details. 

Lot # 581 is an Odo makeup appliance which I think is pretty cool.  If you are a DS9 fan I would think this a good piece.  Probably a $ 500-800 item.  It is well displayed and comes with an autographed photo.

So while there is not a lot here, there are a few good items.  Just make sure you get all the information you need before biding!

Good hunting!


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Profiles in History Star Trek Preview

Profiles in History has 17 Star Trek items up for auction Friday, December 16th.  The Star Trek items are listed here.  

By now you all know that Profiles had to pull the two alledged "Kirk" Maroons because they weren't what Profiles claimed.  So why does this happen?   Because they are selling so much stuff that they just take the word of the person consigning an item and list it.  They don't verify the provenance or screencap items.  And I think if you are going to sell something, you need to know it is real and what you claim it is.

On to the other 17 items.  Overall, a nice collection.  A few items jump out at you. And there are a few bad deals.

Lot 1082  TOS Type I Mid-grade Hand Phaser

Wow!  A great item that OPENS at $ 30,000.  OK, I don't think that is unreasonable and this easily hits $ 50,000.  But remember 3 years ago the Klingon Disruptor only went for $ 35,000.  The market is moving up.  I think this is a great item with good provenance. 

Lot 1086  Scotty Maroon Uniform

Western Costume tags and the very large size of this maroon make it look legit.  A good find for a collector.  Opening bid at $ 6,000 puts this at $ 7,200 to start.  I think this is a $ 10,000 costume max.  But that is just me!  Maroons aren't slowing down.  Everyone wants one and for good reason.  If you are a Scotty collector, then this is a good investment.  I just don't like how big it is.  These uniforms look best when they are slim and structured.

Lot 1093  Voyager Costume Collection
Frankly, this should be broken up into separate lots if you really wanted to get the most money.  I think the Christie's auction proved that where all the "collections" were great deals, whereas costumes got their best prices when sold seperately.  

There are 6 costumes in this group, Janeway, Chakotay, The Doctor, Tuvok, Neelix and Torres.  They all look good, have comm badges and appear in good condition.  However, I think this is priced high.  The opening bid is $ 15,000.  That is already pretty high when you add in Buyer's Premium.  Here is how I break these down:

Janeway........$ 5,000
Chakotay.......$ 3,500
Doctor...........$ 3,500
Tuvok............$ 3,000
Torres............$ 3,000
Neelix............$ 3,000

$ 21,000 total So that means the high bid should be no more than roughly $ 18,000. 

Lot 1077  Rare Science Officer Tunic

The actual title: " Rare science officer tunic from the Star Trek: The Original Series first episode, “The Cage”.  But there is nothing to prove this claim.  Are the stitch marks for the insignia of the smaller "Cage" style insignia?  I would like more details before I attributed this to The Cage.  And the whole thing about Spock wearing it is total crap.   Ultimately the faded color and the lack of insignia and braid are what make this less than a great example of a TOS tunic. Still, it is original.  So a good starter tunic I would think.  But not at much more than $ 3,000.


Lot 1081  Section of V'Ger ship from Star Trek: The Motion Picture

WHAT?  You can't even screen cap this and you have an opening bid of $ 6,000?  This is crazy.  The famous "space lips" piece of V'Ger, which is the most recognizable piece that survived, went for $ 4,000.   PASS

Lot 1094  Articulated Whale Puppet from Star Trek IV

OK, interesting, but an opening bid of $ 5,000?  PASS

Good hunting!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Profiles pulls both Kirk Maroons from auction

Profiles has pulled both of the Kirk costumes from their auction.  The two items, listed on iCollector here, are no longer listed.  One collector reported that he got an email from Profiles that the items were pulled.

It became apparent to just about everyone, that the "Admiral" Kirk was not accurate.  Clearly not from Star Trek IV as advertised, there were a number of problems with the Maroon, not the least of which was that it didn't match the screen used ones, and it had the wrong interior flap color.

I was waiting on photos of the tags on the below "Captain" Kirk to see if it was real.  It may well have been from the same consignor, casting doubts on its accuracy as well.  While I have no doubts that these were production made costumes, the question is are they in fact Shatners.  With them being pulled we may not know until they resurface.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Profiles in History Admiral Kirk Star Trek IV Jacket not what it is claimed?

Profiles in History's new auction has a number of great costumes, but the Kirk Admiral jacket, supposedly from Star Trek IV is clearly not. As we have seen in the past, there is just insufficient research.


The provenance is noted as Sotheby's, NY 12/18/98, sale 7244, lot 134.  The fact that it was previously sold in an auction is NOT provenance. Being sold by an auction house does not  creates any legitimacy in the item.  We need real provenance.  Where did this come from?  Who got it and how?  Was it stolen from Paramount out the back door as so much was?  Was it sold legitimately by Paramount?  So we have no clue how this got out, who has owned it and what was done to it.  (Note:  The Christie's Star Trek auction, or IAW auctions would be provenance as those were studio-sanctioned).


Profiles notes:  Internal label is handwritten, “Wm S. / 4” for William Shatner. 

What kind of label?  Not a Western Costume label, because Profiles always notes it when it is a Western Costume Label as they do in the OTHER Kirk costume.  So this is just a random label?  Anyone could have put that label in.  This does not inspire confidence.

There are a ton of problems with this Maroon.. 

1)  The inner color of the chest flap (lapel if you will) is wrong.  Kirk always had a white inside.  It is possible that for a scene he wasn't to open his jacket in he would have a different interior, but why?

2) The lapel strap is wrong.  This is CLEARLY not the lapel strap of the Star Trek IV Admiral costume.  Look at the details around the clasp.  The gold striping doesn't match.

Compare the close up of the lapel strap from the Profiles catalog...
...with this screencap.

3)  There is no gold striping around the lapel.  This is standard for Admirals and clearly shown in the screencaps.  The jacket does not have this gold ribbon.

 Admiral jackets have a gold ribbon next to the black edge of the lapel.

4)  The Admiral braid on the left sleeve is wrong.  In Star Trek II Kirk's Admiral ribbon was the black and gold checked type that was like what was used in the original Battlestar Galactica.  Starting with Star Trek IV they used a thicker, multi-colored and patterned ribbon which also showed the rank by the number of black and gold ribbons stripes crossing the ribbon. 

Star Trek II: TWOK  Note the braid on the left sleeve.  Same as the Profiles offering.

The correct braid, as seen in the screencap above from Star Trek IV

 And as seen on this picture of the Kirk sold at Heritage in 2010

The correct Rear Admiral braid for Star Trek IV-VI
It's a Wrap sold a number of Rear Admiral Rank sets such as the above one.  It is clear that Kirk has the updated Admiral braid in the screencaps from Star Trek IV and so the Profiles Kirk is wrong.


First, there are three seperate scenes in Star Trek IV where Kirk wears a maroon.

1.  The Federation Council Chamber
2.  The transport pod.
3.  The Enterprise bridge.

Kirk wears the same maroon in 1 & 2.  The only difference is a different shoulder strap rank (In 1 he is an Admiral, in 2 he is a Captain). The strap indicates it is otherwise the same Maroon.  The gold striping is still intact even.  It appears this is the same Maroon in 3.  I need to do a bit more research, but it would be logical as well.

So what is this Maroon?  Could it be from Star Trek II?  This might explain the left arm BSG braid, but it would not explain the interior flap color.  That is CLEARLY wrong.  Being that Kirk needed some blood-distressed Maroons for the scene with Scotty's nephew and after, It would be logical there were 4-6 Maroons set aside for Kirk.  None would have a different interior.

The only thing pointing to this being a Kirk is an interior label that we don't even have a photo of.  And a label can be easily swapped out. 

The interior flap color makes this a non-starter for me.  I was initially interested, but won't touch this.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Sisko's PADD from "Penumbra"

This is Captain Sisko's PADD from the Deep Space Nine episode "Penumbra".  It was acquired from Doug Drexler, who worked as Art Director on DS9.

This PADD was seen right at the beginning of the episode.  It depicts the land Sisko buys in the Kendra province, south of the Yolja River on Bajor (he bought twelve hecapates, to be precise) where he plans to build a house and retire after the Dominion war is over "and watch the sun set over the mountains every night."

Friday, November 18, 2011

Star Trek Exhibit items for sale

Well, after cataloging all the assets on the Star Trek Exhibits in two locations and emptying one of three warehouse locations, we are starting to get an idea of all the items available for the CBS Star Trek Archive.  There are some bigger items we have already tagged for sale that just aren't right for the archive.  One of those items is the Enterprise half-missile that was used in the armory set.  You can find the IAW listing here.  There are 5 of these, as well as a number of full missiles.  

We have to see if these were production made or they were made after the production especially for the 2002 London Star Trek Adventure, where there was a full armory set.  Details to follow.  But if you are interested in one, stay tuned, or sign up on the Star Trek Prop, Costume & Auction Forum.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The House of Duras Knife from "Firstborn" - Hero Version

This knife is from the Profiles in History Star Trek auction in 2010.  It is a hero metal knife, and the only one I know of.  There were 5 rubber stunt knives just like this sold through It's a Wrap and you can find those here.

This is the knife used by members of the House of Duras in the early 25th century.

In "Firstborn", Worf and Alexander Rozhenko, while on the Klingon outpost Maranga IV, are attacked by a group of Klingons loyal to the House of Duras. During the fight, K'mtar (actually Alexander Rozhenko from the future) shows up and helps Worf and his son. The assailants flee and one of them drops this knife.

As the knife bears the insignia of the house of Duras, it becomes clear that Lursa and B'Etor are behind the attack and the crew of the USS Enterprise-D starts earching for the Duras sisters. When they are found and confronted with the knife, they claim they know nothing of the attack. When the sisters take a close look at the knife, they see that the knife not only features the small symbols representing Ja'rod (Duras' father), Lursa and B'Etor but also a small symbol representing Lursa's son. As Lursa had only learned a few days earlier that she was expecting a child and had not told anybody but B'Etor, it was clear that this knife must have come from the future. It turns out that members of the House of Duras had traveled back in time from the early 25th century to the year 2370 in order to kill Alexander, just like K'mtar tried to do.

Thanks to the amazing Jorg Hillebrand for this article and screencaps!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A House Guest - USS Farragut

Well, last week we had to clear out a warehouse where there were Star Trek: The Exhibit assets.  I would say 90% of the stuff there was wall panels and displays that were no longer usable.  But there were some gems. This baby is in need of a lot of work and a serious restoration, but it is cool none the less.  The Nebula class is my favorite ship of all the ones I saw on the Star Trek Exhibit and so I am fired up we get to house this for a while.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Star Trek Exhibition Set Up - Day 2

Well, day 2 was a rush of activity as there was a special preview that night.  Now most of the work wouldn't be done, but still, the exhibit was going to get public attention and so it had to be at least at some basic level of present-ability.  My job was to catalog every single item in the exhibition that was production made ( or potentially replica).  So we didn't bother with anything made for the the exhibition.  By the end of the day we had a pretty good list. 

Now I have to go through everything I photographed at Kennedy Space Center.  There is a Master list of everything that originally was made available.  Interestingly, this was all stuff on the Star Trek World Tour and saved from the Christie's auction.

The Props all packed up.

I love my job

Staging the costumes

  The Travel Pod from ST: TMP

Klingon Throne (there are TWO!)

Just desserts!  St. Louis' legendary frozen custard from Ted Drewes.  Like a Blizzard from Dairy Queen but better.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Star Trek Exhibition Set Up - Day 1

Well, today was the first day helping out with the Star Trek Archive and it meant being in St. Louis at the St. Louis Science Center setting up the Star Trek Exhibition. 

First up, both the USS Enterprise and USS Voyager, which were both practically destroyed when they were removed from Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, were repaired and resurrected!  Here they are hanging in the museum.

Next, we confirmed that the McCoy tunic is in fact an original TOS McCoy!  More photos on this soon.

There were actually TWO Spock Maroons in the exhibit.  This one has a Shatner undershirt, but Nimoy jacket and pants.  I would expect this one to get sold in the future (maybe the 50th Anniversary auction).  The other is more complete.

And finally I got to handle a LOT of models.  :-)

And CBS is VERY serious about a 50th anniversary auction for Star Trek.  The discussions are already underway.  It may be 5 years away, but I already have one significant collector committing his entire collection to that auction.

More to come.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DS9 Jem'Hadar Ketracel White Installation model on eBay

An Italian collector who won this model from It's a Wrap, has put it on eBay.  You can see it here.  It originally sold for a very reasonable $ 575.50.

The model has internal lighting:

The screen-cap:

Good hunting!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's coming to

Well, more changes are coming to this blog.  First, I have started another website, which is not up yet,, which is a project I am working on with CBS to develop a photo archive of Star Trek props, costume and set pieces.  It will be entirely informational, and an archive and not have any of the views, opinions or the broader collecting articles of this site.

I will be looking for contributors from the hobby, as I know there are a lot of you who do great work. (Steve Thomas, Gerald Gurian and Jorg I am speaking to you!).

Every single item in my collection is being photographed and will be making their way to both sites.  

And for now I am working on tagging every blog article on this site for the last 5 years.  So that will take some time, but it is well under way.  You can see the tags in the right column.

So stay tuned!


Friday, September 30, 2011

Archiving my Star Trek collection

Well, as many of you know, I have a pretty substantial Star Trek collection.  I have both props and costumes, and I love my collection dearly, as you all love your own.  Now that we are about to be done with auctions at Propworx till the Spring (the Iron Man 2 auction next month will be the last for at least 5 months, we are looking to next do Captain America at C2E2 in Chicago in March), I have tasked my photographer with photographing my entire Star Trek collection.  Then I will be having Damaris due a book on my collection that I plan to have printed.  

My greater goal is to do a Star Trek book on props, costumes and the collectors who have substantial collections.  So I may be calling you guys in the near future.

But look for more articles on my collection here shortly.  


My collection displayed in my old house.  Sadly I have much less room in Newport Beach!

The first Vegas display in 2008