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Saturday, December 2, 2017

JJ Trek at Auction!

The Prop Store is having an auction of props & costumes from the first two JJ Trek movies.  The auction is online and bidding starts at 2:00 EST today (Saturday).

What is ironic is that I first pitched this auction to CBS in 2013, and Propworx, my auction company, would have been doing this auction if I didn't go and make such a good fan film that it got CBS to sue us!  But honestly, buying and selling stuff can't compare to the satisfaction of making a film that many Star Trek fans think is canon! (And many think is better than Discovery!)

So I will be bidding a bit today, and while most items will go too high for the average fan, there may be a few bargains.  I especially look for costumes that might be good for background characters in our Starfleet Headquarters scene.

You can bid here.
Khan's costume

A Starfleet Phaser

Admiral Pike's Costume
Klingon costume and weapons
Captain Kirk's costume

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

TNG Cricket Phaser

A very desirable prop as it screams early TNG.

TNG Cricket Phasers sell for about $3-4,000 in the current market.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

Propworx Auction # 10

Propworx is pleased to announce that our 10th Star Trek auction will take place one week from today, March 4th starting at 10Am PST. Over the past three years we have held a total of five Star Trek auctions, and still have much more to offer with this one! Mainly comprised of Enterprise related material, where we have the largest collection of Trip Tucker related items to offer since the Christies auctions, but there is plenty more for every Trek fan, including items from The Motion Picture such as a Deflector Dish model section and the top office section of the Orbital Office Complex model.

Just like our past auctions we have items from the collection of Gary Hutzel, Ron Moore and Robert Blackman up for bids, three amazing veterans of the Star Trek franchise who were integral to the look and feel of the different series we have all come to love.

The two main highlights of the auction are original character masks featured in the production of Star Trek: The Voyage Home. These two pieces come directly from the collection of the films producer Mel Cefros, who has had these in his collection since the film’s debut in 1986!

So make sure you head over and check out the live listings, browse through and register to bid: and make sure you check us out on Facebook at for updates and info on the auction.